Singin In the Rain Edinburgh 2014




It can’t be an easy task to take a much-loved, classic hit film and turn it into a great stage musical, but this production of Singin’ in the Rain has achieved this, with huge success. 

The production stays very close to the 1952 film, and includes all the favourite songs, including Make ‘Em Laugh, Good Morning, and of course Singin’ in the Rain. 

Matthew Malthouse and Faye Tozer make a wonderful comic duo as the silent movie stars Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont, especially when acting out a love scene in which they voice how much they detest each other, while still playing the screen lovers in their actions.  Faye Tozer is spot-on with Lina’s high-pitched, whiny voice, which of course was the reason Lina could never make the transition into “the talkies”. 

Amy Ellen Richardson plays Kathy Selden with an innocence and purity of voice which is totally the opposite of Lina Lamont, and her scenes with Matthew Malthouse are sweet and touching.  Stephane Anelli is just perfect as Cosmo Brown, Don Lockwood’s friend and comic side-kick.  His singing and dancing are superb, as are all the cast, but his comic timing really stands out. 

The entire performance is a joy to watch, but the highlight of course is the famous sequence of Don Lockwood “singin’ and dancin’ in the rain”. 

Don’t miss it – but beware, if you’re in the front few rows of the stalls, you may get wet!

Review by Lisa Sibbald


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