Robin Cousins Ice show Edinburgh 2014




Olympic gold medal winner Robin Cousins has hand-picked some of the world's greatest ice skaters for this new show, many of them Olympic and national champions themselves. 

"Robin Cousins' Ice" is not a show in which Robin himself skates, but one which he has created to be the type of ice show that he himself would love to go to and watch and, if younger, perform in.  It is now 30 years since he created the "Electric Ice" show and this show (although not an update) is a new Ice spectacular for the 21st century.

The show has a mixture of ballet, jazz dance, acrobatics, live singing and even a bit of magic, all on ice skates.

The skaters were all outstanding, giving precisely choreographed performances which they were obviously enjoying as much as the audience was.  Special mention has to be made of Kate Endriulaitus' gravity-defying aerial act, and Michael Solonoski's moving live performance of Elton John's song "Tonight",  sung while skating of course.

The stage set was very simple, with most of the variation and mood-setting being created by Tim Mitchell's extremely effective use of lighting.

Robin Cousins wanted to work with some of the best current skating talents around at the moment and give them the opportunity to put on a world class touring ice show.  He has succeeded in his goals.

ICE is at the Festival Theatre until Sunday 30th March ahead of its planned world tour, so if you want to see world class skaters performing in a great show then make sure that you catch this one before it skates off on its world tour.     


Review by Lisa Sibbald


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