Although I’ve known and loved Fairport Convention’s music for over 40 years, this was the first time I’d seen them perform live, and it was a wonderful evening.

After an introduction from Dave Pegg, singer-songwriter Edwina Hayes opened the show with a solo set, and what a lovely voice she has.  I hadn’t heard of her before, but will definitely be listening out for her in future.  

One small downside to the concert was that Dave Pegg wasn’t able to play as he’d cut a tendon in his hand, but his son, Matthew Pegg, was a worthy stand-in on bass guitar, and Dave joined in on some of the vocals. 

The playlist was a mix of old and new, with some great Fairport classics such as Matty Groves and Meet on the Ledge.  One of the highlights was Edwina joining in with the band for Who Knows Where the Time Goes, a song that will always be associated with its writer, former Fairport vocalist, the late Sandy Denny.  Edwina, however, sang it beautifully, and it would be lovely to hear her sing more with Fairport. 

What struck me most about the concert was how down-to-earth and friendly the band members appear to be.  They introduced the songs with various anecdotes, interacted with the audience, and everyone (audience and band) had a great time. 

As I said, this was my first Fairport concert, but I certainly hope it won’t be my last. 

Review by Lisa Sibbald



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