Wille & The Bandits Paths CD Album Review Monday 7th January 2019

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Wille & The Bandits’ new album “Paths” will be released on Friday 1st February 2019 by Fat Toad Records and distributed by Proper.  The first single from the new album, "Find My Way", is out now. To support the release of their new album Wille & The Bandits will tour the UK in March 2019.

Wille & The Bandits have gained a solid reputation as a contemporary rock’n’roll band from their live performances and previous recordings, but to simply label “Paths” as a “rock’n’roll” album is not giving it full credit as, on the 11 songs here, the band are showing a confident maturity in many different music styles, as well as some solid songwriting both lyrically and in melodic and harmonic structures.

This is not an album of “throw away lyrics”, and the opening track, “One Way” is not only a driving “live music” crowd pleaser, but a biting commentary on Western global politics.  The second track with a fine “funk groove”, “Make Love” was an early surprise for me in the band’s ability to change musical styles, but again listen to the lyrics of this song, not quite as simple as the title suggests.

One of my favourite tracks on this album, “Four Million Days” is a complete change of not only pace, but musical structures, and gives an insight into just what Wille & The Bandits are capable of as a band, creating some classic songs that will I hope be around for a very long time.

As songwriters, they are not afraid to tackle some very difficult subjects and use their own sense of loss as a source of a song, and here we explore the dark subject of depression, suicide, and how Wille was affected by the death of one of his favourite singers Chris Cornell who took his own life.

As I always have a soft spot for any musicians taking influence from Indian musical sources, “Watch You Grow” is another of my favourites on this album, while the final track highlights Wille’s lap slide skills which soar into a huge almost Lynyrd Skynyrd style solo in front of Matt and Andy’s solid foundations.

If you are expecting a straight rock’n’roll album then this might not be the one for you, but if you are looking for a band who are maturing in many different directions with their music, then this will be an album for you.  Without a doubt, one of the more interesting albums that I have reviewed in recent months.


Review by Tom King




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