Tim Kliphuis Trio The Queen's Hall Edinburgh review Friday 30th March 2018


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Tim Kliphuis Trio at The Queen’s Hall Edinburgh was one of those magical moments on stage that as a reviewer you always hope will happen tonight, and it did. The Tim Kliphuis Trio combines the impressive talents of Tim Kliphuis (Violin), Nigel Clark (guitar) and Roy Percy (Upright Bass) into a seamless fusion of classical and jazz styles that creates something very unique and a joy to listen to.

Opening with “Django”, the gypsy jazz sounds of Django Reinhardt and Grappelli was firmly set for an impressive display of virtuoso talents and inspired performances as a trio that only comes out of spending a lot of time together and somehow instinctively knowing where everyone else is going musically, and this trio make it all look so easy.

On a very cold “spring night” in Edinburgh, perhaps apt that we were treated to performances of  the Tim Kliphuis Trio’s re-working of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons from their  “Reflecting the Seasons” – aptly giving us “Winter “ first then ironically later in the set “Spring”.

If you enjoyed “Reflecting the Seasons”, then this summer’s release of their re-interpretations of Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos is one to put on your shopping list as, if the pre-release performance of even a part of this work is a marker of what is to come, then this is another inspired fusion and arrangement  of musical styles.

Not everything with Tim Kliphuis is on the grand scale of re-imaginations of major classical works, and the delightful “Lucy’s Waltz” written for his daughter is one example of an ability to create very individual and personal music too.

It was also very nice in this show to have musicians on stage that, with the exception of a small guitar amp, just let us hear un-amplified music  that let the true beauty of their instruments work their magic in the wonderful natural acoustic space that is The Queen’s Hall itself.

A big part of what made this performance so special was the obvious pleasure that our trio were having not only playing together, but from playing the music itself.  When you have musicians of this level of ability on stage, listening to anything in any style whatsoever that they want to play is always a pleasure.

It was also very nice to see our established musicians and The Queens’s Hall working together to develop the next generation of musicians with a special set from students at The City of Edinburgh Music School - Mia Scott: violin; Freya Ruuskanen: cello; Sean Hughes: saxophone - performing an interesting arrangement of The Beatles “Norwegian Wood”.


Review by Tom King





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