Tap Factory The Festival Theatre Edinburgh Review Sunday 24th September 2017


Tap Factory began with some universally accessible theatrical physical humour that I just found too simple or juvenile for my taste. At times the performer walked into the audience on the bottom floor carrying on along more or less the same thread of humour as another performer joined him. Unfortunately this method took him out of the upper floor’s visual field where some were standing up and some had to look over the edge to see the performance. From my seat, I could not see anything, which defeats the purpose of physical humour. Stage layout and literally knowing your audience in a real physical sense of where they will be located is a very fundamental theatrical consideration during a professional performance.

The performances were energetic with each performer beaming with enthusiasm and vitality and included a variety of percussion based dance and movement, although not limited to, drumming using sticks on barrels, tap dances and other forms of innovative and unique creating sounds using non-traditional media which was very intriguing interluded with impressive acrobatics, but the flow from format to format lacked a certain finesse. While all the performers utilised an impressive and vast array of several talents, the general feeling of the show was that maybe some of the performances could become developed further for a cleaner or tighter demonstration of the performers’ strengths instead of trying to do too much with not enough expertise. I can appreciate how difficult tap is, having clumsily tried myself, and clearly there was one particular performer who shone in this regard, but trying to arrive at a stellar performance with such a difficult dance form to that level with other dancers in a large dance routine flopped without equal expertise to his.

The performers shone when, instead, they cleverly combined their two talents interwoven with the other performers’ talent or talents. This group is seriously talented but may need some director’s input on performance layout of tweaks to their delivery and general story line of the performance. After those considerations I think there would be some fantastic show stoppers in their future but tonight just wasn’t their night or this particular routine just isn’t hitting the mark in spite of some serious talent amongst each performer


Review by Molly





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