Sunday Classics Flanders Symphony Orchestra and Milos Karadaglic Usher Hall  Edinburgh Review  Sunday 27th October 2019

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Sunday Classics at The Usher Hall in Edinburgh featuring Flanders Symphony Orchestra with global superstar guitarist Milos Karadaglic was at the later starting time of 7.30 pm (Sunday Classic concerts are usually 3pm) but this one, with its themes and colours of Spain, was worth the wait.

Conducted by Jose Luis Gomez, the Flanders Symphony Orchestra took us first to Seville with a lively performance of “Rossini’s Barber of Seville Overture”, a work that has become so identified over the years with not only the composer, but Seville itself, despite it oddly having little or no Spanish influences in its musical composition.

Following on from this work was the first appearance of the evening of guitarist Milos Karadaglic in a performance with the orchestra of “Rodrigo – Guitar Concerto Aranjuez”.  For tonight’s performance, Milos has chosen to amplify his guitar with a small standing microphone set up, but there were moments here where it was getting very difficult (well from the circle anyhow) to hear Milos when the orchestra were playing.  Fortunately though, these moments were more than made up by some stunning solo moments of not only impressive classical guitar techniques, but sounds of amazing beauty.

Returning after the interval, Milos Karadaglic took solo stage for what can only be described as many classical guitar lovers’ “dream recital” with a performance of some of the most iconic works in the classical guitarist’s repertoire –

The programme listing for these works is as follows

Villa-Lobos –  Preludes 1 and 4 (for solo guitar)

Savio - Batucada (for solo guitar)

de Falla – El Amor Brujo : Ballet Suite

Across these works it was good to see Milos Karadaglic not only back on stage performing after his well documented hand injury of recent years, but back to classic form, and above all, so clearly enjoying his music.  Here, Milos treated his audience to not only some of the most beautiful music ever composed, but an impressive display of different guitar techniques, as the works required mastery of high octaves, harmonics, multiple lines, phrasing, and of course impeccable timing.  The great guitarist Andrés Segovia Torres is known for his performances of some of these work, and Milos Karadaglic is clearly continuing in the master’s footsteps here.

Our closing performance from Flanders Symphony Orchestra took us to the music of Bizet and one of my favourite operas with “Bizet – Carmen Suite”, and it is easy to understand why Carmen has become one of the most popular operas in the world – so much wonderful music, and all of it brought to wonderful life, colours and motion with this performance



Flanders Symphony Orchestra

Conductor:       Jose Luis Gomez

Soloist:             Milos Karadaglic (guitar)


Rossini – Barber of Seville Overture

Rodrigo – Guitar Concerto Aranjuez


Villa Lobos – 1 and 4 (for solo guitar)

Savio - Batucada (for solo guitar)

de Falla – El Amor Brujo Ballet Suite

Bizet – Carmen Suite


Review by Tom King


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