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This DVD box set is released on Monday 1st April 2019 by Arrow Films.

Starring Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, Ilmur Kristjánsdóttir and Ingvar Eggert Sigurðsson.  This series is created and directed by Baltasar Kormákur.  Written by Clive Bradley and Sigurjón Kjartansson.  Music by Hildur Gudnadóttir and Rutger Hoedemaekers.

Season Two of Icelandic police drama “Trapped” engulfs our screens with a shocking initial incident outside the Icelandic parliament.  The characters involved are twins; one is Halla, Minister of Industry, and the other is Gisli, an angry, bankrupted farmer from the north of the island.  The police investigation into the tragedy is headed by the return of Season One’s Andri Ólafsson.  He is a long-suffering big bear of a character who is put under increasing pressure.  The story disgorges the traumas of isolated farming families, the ruthlessness of foreign industry investors, and unrest regarding political and ecological issues.

Panoramic views of Icelandic landscapes are stunning, but serve to emphasise how desolation is part of the psyche in this bleak geography.  Nevertheless, as characters develop and friendships warm, the story heats up and becomes more and more riveting.

Andri must leave Reykjavik and return to his former police patch up north.  Regretfully he leaves a troubled family life which he desperately wanted to repair.

Andri is welcomed back by Hinrika, now newly instated as local Sheriff, and policeman Asgeir.  However, the police investigation escalates as events line up to Nordic noir expectations.  As the characters face new dangers, each struggles to deal with their professional and personal lives.


Icelandic and English language spoken (English subtitles)


Review by Nordann Lyshelt


Arrow Films releases Season 3 in Blu-ray and DVD Box set of Netflix crime drama on Monday 27 August 2018.
(Rating 15)
Starring: Damián Alcázar, Francisco Denis Andrea Londo, Pépê Rapazote, Alberto Ammann, Matias Padin Varela, Eric Lange, Arturo Castro, Kerry Bishé, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Javier Cámara, Sebastián Eslava and many others.
Starring also as (Drug Enforcement Agency) DEA agents: Pedro Pascale, Michael Stahl-David and Matt Whelan.
Created by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, Doug Miro and Eric Newman.
Produced by Steve Lightfoot
Music by Pedro Bronfman
NARCOS SEASON 3 explodes onto our screens with the story of four powerful Latin American Cali Cartel dons in the business of drug trafficking around 340 tonnes of cocaine a year.
It is 1993 and Pablo Escobar is history, along with his political aspirations for Colombia.  It is business as usual for the Cali Cartel who wish to continue moneymaking, money laundering and money lavishing.  Although drug distribution continues unabated, the business model has changed.  The principal Don Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela, (played by Damián Alcázar) wishes to surrender so as to concentrate on legitimate businesses and personally retire.  The storyline really kicks off when plans go awry.  The other high ranking members of the Cali Cartel begin to shift towards centre stage from episode three onwards.  Up till this point the viewer may feel overloaded. There is a lot of background to comprehend and the subtitles need to be swiftly read, but once it rolls, the action is unstoppably gripping.
The tension of the storyline lies in the conflict of interests and goals between the Cali Cartel, the CIA and the US DEA agents, not to mention other lesser human conflicts that keep the viewer well-tuned to the rolling situations as they occur.
US DEA agent Javier Peña, played by Pedro Pascal, returns to our screen.  He has agents Feistl partnered with Van Ness (played by Michael Stahl-David and Matt Whelan respectively) with whom you can surely empathise, for their jobs are deadly dangerous.
Actor Matias Varela deserves particular acclaim for his portrayal of Jorge Salcedo, the long suffering Cali security
advisor and unassuming mastermind.  But no-one enjoys personal safety in this swift moving narco crime drama.  The storyline moves at gunshot speed and will keep your mind reeling both while watching and waiting for the next episode.
English and Spanish spoken throughout series with subtitles in both languages.
Review by Nordann Lyshelt


The box DVD set and Blu-ray is released by Arrow TV on Monday 2 July 2018.  The eight TV episodes of this latest and last series of the Bridge finishes on BBC Two on Friday 29 June 2018.
Starring: Sofia Helin, Thure Lindhardt, Mikael Birkkjær, Sarah Boberg, Pontus T Pagler, Anders Mossling, Alexander Behrang Keshar, Erik Lönngren and others.
Series creators: Camilla Ahlgreen and Hans Rosenfeldt
Music:  Patrik Andrén, Uno Helmersson, Johan Sönderqvist.
Season Four of The Bridge continues with Sofia Helin in her enigmatic and lonely role of Saga Norén, the female police detective in this engaging Scandic crime thriller.  Her character depicts the curious coping mechanism of post trauma as she precariously lurches between her everyday existence and her professional role.  Obsessive logic is her means of psychological control and it is both infuriatingly productive and counterproductive.
Henrik Saboe, (played by Thure Lindhardt) her fellow colleague, a patient soul, due in part to his own traumatic past, is pushed to his limit.  Making sense of their personal relationship is as intriguing as unravelling the complex criminal case under their investigation.
Strong characters and at times alarming story twists and turns truly fixed me to the screen.  Tariq Shirazi, played by Alexander Behrang Keshar is an outstanding example.  The entire acting cast is so credible that you are effortlessly swept along by the story.  There are some amusing moments - yes even in a dark tale such as this - where subtlety in situations makes you smile ironically. There are insights into Scandinavian society which remind you of the wider issues, giving the series 'edge', but well measured.
This series deserves all its BAFTA winning acclaim.  The series' music and light feathery vocals add to the moody atmosphere of the now traditional type filming.  For the Nordic Noir and Beyond hounds please catch this final series.  
Swedish and Danish languages spoken with English subtitles.
Review written by Nordann Lyshelt.

Gomorrah Season Three

The box DVD and Blu-ray is released by Arrow TV on Monday 12 March 2018.  Digital download is available from Amazon and iTunes on Thursday 8 March 2018.
Starring: Marco D'Amore, Salvatore Esposito, Cristiana Dell'Anna, Loris De Luna, Arturo Muselli, Cristina Donadio, Maria Pia Calzone, Ivano Lotito and others.
Directed by Matteo Garrone
Series based on Roberto Saviano's best selling thriller 'Gomorrah'.
Music by Mokadelic entitled  'Doomed to live'
Jolted into this third season of Gomorrah depicting the gruesome reality of Italian gangland families, we come face to face with their deep loves and hatreds yet again.  Gomorrah now has a worldwide distribution to 190 countries.  This series deserves the huge acclaim it has received.  The characters and the action pull all those morality strings, tugging the viewer into a maelstrom of emotions and events.
Ciro Di Marzio ( played by Marco D'Amore ) returns as a somewhat tragic loner after the upheaval of Don Pietro Savastano's murder at the end of Season Two.  Meanwhile Gennaro Savastano ( played by Salvatore Esposito ) wrestles enigmatically with the burden of his newly enhanced yet tenuous role in gangland politics due to his father's demise.  The pressures of disturbed domesticity, the return of Lady Scianel ( played by Cristina Donadio ), not forgetting the upsurge of new bloods with ambition, means Gennaro has much to consider.
Enzo Villa or Blue Blood (Arturo Muselli) wants more action for his young clan and is sustained as their leading driving force by privileged wild boy Valerio and Enzo's own desire to re-establish his Camorra lineage.
Patrizia ( Cristiania Dell'Anna ) continues as messenger. And she has a surfeit of intriguing messages in this series!  Without exception all actors fit tightly into the decaying, urban city settings as well as the neglectful, graffiti-laden concrete estates.  Declining palazzos add to the feeling of disintegration.  So much mayhem for money hauling. So many plots to fathom to feed the greed.. , but then you remember, it's entertainment...
On a less serious note, check out those Italian wallpapers!
The music soundtrack deserves a special mention.  Mokadelic is an Italian band who was inspired by the notion of composing music through visual images.  They excelled in this venture and now delight fans with albums, film soundtracks and live shows.
Languages are Italian and Neapolitan with English subtitles.
Review written by Nordann Lyshelt

Witnesses  Season Two  - Frozen Death. **

Created by Hervé Hadmar and Marc Herpoux
Actors include Marie Dompnier, Jan Hammmenecker, Audrey Fleurot, Steve Driesen, Yannick Choirat, Judith Hendry and Anne Benoit.
This box set of DVDs for Season Two of The Witnesses  is released on Monday 15 January 2018.
The story begins with the discovery of an unlikely busload of frozen passengers. Scene setting is established in the now familiar style of Nordic Noir and Beyond by aeriel scanning of the countryside where the action takes place. We are treated to the expansive beauty of north western France with its spectacular coastlines and vast rolling forests.  Any assumption of tranquility is in stark contrast to the ugliness of hidden crimes about to be revealed.  The theme music is delightful, light and dancey, helping to draw you into the story.
Marie Dompnier plays the police investigating lieutenant Sandra Winckler, who quickly becomes personally entangled in her attempts to piece together chilling clues.  Her colleagues Justin (Jan Hammerbecker) and Max (Judith Hendry) become increasingly distressed by Sandra's disregard to police procedures.
As the storyline develops, Sandra's professionalism slips and the chaos creeps into her various relationships both personal and professional.  As she and her colleagues interestingly bat around ideas, there is an awareness of the absurd,  however to what extent can bizarreness be a believable notion in viewing terms?  Can we, as amateur sleuths with a reasonable modern day grip of forensics credibly be convinced?  And some scenes are surely tongue in cheek when closed French civic offices are opened to allow access to public archive material.
The quality of the acting and the development of the main characters do, however, cushion a somewhat convoluted story.  There are scenes throughout of dark dread and a heart-gripping shoot out which will catch you unawares. Other scenes evoke mounting compassion, such as Anne Benoit in her role as Christiane.  The storyline is a challenge however in resolving chaotic clues, characters and continuity.
French language with English subtitles.
Review by Nordann Lyshelt

NARCOS - Seasons One and Two.

Arrow Films releases Season One and Two in DVD and Blu-ray Box set of Netflix's successful crime drama on Monday 4 September 2017.

Starring : Wagner Moura, Boyd Holbrook, Pedro Pascal, Paulina Gaitán, Joanna Christie, Raúl Méndez, Maurice Compte, Diego Cataño, Damián Alcáza and others.

Created by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro.

Produced by Steve Lightfoot

Music, throughout chillingly so light and playful, by Pedro Bronfman.

Each episode of this TV DVD drama maintains the continuity of the storyline with brief personal introductory narrations by character Steve Murphy, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) officer, played by Boyd Holbrook. Along with his partner Javier Peña (Pedro Pascal) they attempt to track down narcoterrorist extraordinaire Pablo Escobar of Colombia in South America.

Actual 1980s newsreels, bulletins and political speeches are spliced into this dramatised reconstruction lending a cold reminder to the story's general veracity.  (There is an element of dramatic licence, as some details are not historically correct.)   We are made all too aware of the constraints of communications, tracking and intelligence gathering faced by police, the army and  US DEA officers of those times.  President Cesar Gaviria, played magnificently by Mexican actor Raúl Méndez, has the unenviable task of treading carefully through the dangerous Colombian political minefield. These frustrations are re-enforced by the constant reminder of the parallel universe of evil, ruthlessness, betrayal and murder characterising Escobar and his Medellin drug cartel.

Insight into the lives of the many hunters of Escobar lends extra dimensions to the drama, as plots are planned, tempers rise and family tensions become strained.

The beginning and end of Season One and Two is framed by referencing the South American literary genre of magical realism, the realm where fantasy invades reality. This series certainly reinforces the old adage that truth can be stranger than fiction. I highly recommend NARCOS.

Subtitles in English and Spanish

Review by Nordann Lyshelt

I KNOW WHO YOU ARE   ( Séquiéneres ). 

This DVD Box Set is released by Arrow Films distributor on Monday 14 August 2017.

Starring : Francesc Garrido, Blanca Portillo, Aida Folch, Carles Francino, Antonio Dechent, Nancho Novo, Eva Santolaria, Susana Abaitua, Pépon Nieto, Alvaro de Luna and many others.
Younger actors include Noa Fontanais and Alex Monner and others.
This TV thriller series is produced by Filmax International and Mediaset España.  The series is directed by Pan Freixas, who is also executive producer.  Ivan Mercadé is the head writer.
The first scene plunges you into this magnetic Spanish psychological thriller.  From the start, it focuses on Juan Elias (played by Francesc Garrido) the co-partner of a prestigious law firm and nominal university law professor. He has been injured in a car accident and professes loss of memory.  Along with the simultaneous disappearance of his vivacious neice Ana Saura (Susana Abaitua) a budding legal mind, Spanish suspicions are roused and veer toward thoughts of murder.  Elias meets his family, somewhat from the viewer's perspective - totally afresh..... and thereafter unfolds this compelling storyline involving family, siblings, friends and colleagues.  
The characters are all individuals and are deftly realistic. This tightly woven drama throws one dilemma after another for the viewer to unravel.  Events, emotions and loyalties move fast, turning you into a detective searching for clues and treading warily against false leads.
This drama gives insight into the Spanish judicial system. Those who work in this system enjoy a network of professional privilege and influence. The main character's wife, Judge Castro, played by Blanca Portillo, reveals a woman of great power and astuteness.  Known as Alicia to the family, domesticity cannot suppress the acuity of her ever-active powers of deduction and deviousness.  
The drama is balanced between adults dealing with life changing events and how younger people cope. Misunderstandings lend impetus to the storyline, as it would in real life.  It makes truly fascinating watching.
Spanish language with English subtitles.
Review by Nordann Lyshelt

PUBLIC ENEMY (Ennemi Public)

This is the latest DVD Box set from Arrow Films in the Nordic Noir and Beyond series and is due to be released on Monday 17 July 2017.

Premiered in the UK on Sky Atlantic on 10 May 2017,  its success is assured after garnering huge acclaim in home country Belgium and winning the first MipDrama Screenings Coup de Cœur Award in Cannes in 2016.

Starring: Angelo Bison, Stéphanie Blanchoud, Clément Manuel, Jean-Jacques Rausin, Phillipe Jeusette, Laura Sepul, Vincent Londez, Daniel Hanssens, Jeanne Dandoy, Michel Israël and others.

Series written by Antoine Bours, Matthieu Frances, Gilles de Voghel and Christopher Yates.

Music composed by Daniel Capetelli, Matthieu Frances and Lionel Vancauwenberge.

The story is set in atmospheric, damp and chilly Belgian countryside.  However, the picturesque village of Vielsart with its intriguing Abbey surrounded by dense forest draws the viewer carefully into two tightly-knit communities - the villagers and the religious fraternity of the monks.  Both communities are fraught with anxieties as the story unfolds.  Guy Béranger, (played superbly by Angelo Bison) has served 20 years in prison for child murders and is being released on parole into the care of the monks at Vielsart Abbey.

Even before his arrival at the monastery, Béranger is blamed for everyone's present and future ills. Brussels Police inspector Chloé Muller (played by Stéphanie Blanchoud) has been landed with the unenviable task of protecting Béranger and help him settle into a new role with the monks.  There is dissension within the monastic ranks but Béranger holds his own psychologically. Bison portrays his character's personal isolation enchantingly.  There are scenes which seductively draw you in to empathise with his assumed pathology.  In juxtaposition to this central character is Chloé, his rather plain, testy young police protector who battles with her own demons.  The tension builds between these two as events in the village build towards chaos.

The chaos is the narrative of this series.  Children are the focus of the story as they are lost and their bodies sadly found.  The villagers increasingly become vigilantes.

Credit must be paid to the young actors who portray the lively individuality of the children integral to this dark storyline.

French language with English subtitles.


Review by Nordann Lyshelt.

Hinterland Season 3

Nordic Noir and Beyond releases Hinterland - Season 3 on Monday 29 May 2017 in DVD & Blu-ray Box set and consists of 4 episodes.

Starring Richard Harrington, Mali Harries

Fans of Hinterland Seasons 1 and 2 will be on the familiar ground of the rural bleakness of Wales again with the continually unravelling interweaving personal and professional story lines of this series as new cases are investigated with our central cast of characters including DCI Tom Mathias (Richard Harrington) and DI Mared Rhys (Mali Harries). Of course, this is Hinterland and many threads of the new cases continue to re-weave their consequences for other times.

We open this season with the murdered body of a local preacher discovered in his chapel and as our list of suspects expands and our at times obvious mis-directions to characters take place, other pre-existing story threads begin to set a far darker tone as the potentially explosive story of old and buried institutional child abuse involving now prominent figures and characters central to our cast starts to unravel itself. This historical abuse story though does, if not carefully handled, run the risk of becoming a stereotype as similar plots have been used so many times in recent years in many other series. Is this original ebough for Hinterland? Past and future are constantly changing places in this season as events from earlier seasons get answers and new events take some of our main characters into reflections and investigations of their own past.

The bleakness of the Welsh countryside as a mood setter with its lone vehicle driving along its winding roads (do only the police drive vehicles here?) is for me a much over-used story device that loses some of its dramatic effect after a while and takes up time that could have been used for extra dialogue or settings, but at least the end destinations of these lonely rural road travels give us a believable image of what living in such a remote landscape must be like.  This is no sugar coated rural Wales in either its landscape or its people.  Also over-used and taking up too much screen time for often no real effect or movement in the story line are those long stares into nowhere by our principal cast.

Hinterland 3 as a stand alone viewing experience has that problem that any ongoing and interweaving story arc has for any series  like this, and that is unless you have been following the story arcs as they unfold and are now familiar with our characters and their backgrounds then the background events and their relevance to the present will be lost on you.  You can always of course catch up with box sets of Seasons 1 and 2 to remedy that issue, and if unfamiliar with this show then that is perhaps the best way to view Season 3.

English/Welsh (English subtitles)

Review by Tom King

The LEGACY  - Season 3 (Arvingerne = the Heirs)

Nordic Noir and Beyond releases The Legacy - Season 3 on Monday 29 May 2017 in DVD & Blu-ray Box set and consists of 9 episodes.
Starring: Mikkel Boe Følsgaard, Marie Bach Hansen, Smilla My Dahl Hougaard, Trine Dyrholm, Carsten Bjørnlund, Lena Maria Christensen and others.
The series is produced by DR Fiktion.
This drama has been developed by Pernilla August from work written by Maya Ilsøe.
Music composition by Sune Martin, Magnus Jaribo and Sebastian Öberg.
As the Danish title for this season of The Legacy suggests, the heirs of the deceased patriarch Thomas are the focus of the storyline - Frederik, Emil, Gro and Signe. It is family drama par excellence.  The Grønnegaards are close-knit, intuitive yet secretive and collusive which only spells trouble in this mounting sea of sibling friction.
Frederik, powerfully played by Carsten Bjørnlund, returns unexpectedly to the family estate after two years abroad, to be present for his oldest daughter Hannah's first art exhibition.  Though the hatchet (found in many a wealthy family), is supposedly? buried, it takes little encouragement to resurface.  Frederik's ex-wife, Solveig played by Lena Maria Christensen, has remarried.  Due to a totally unforeseeable turn of events, the intense emotional turmoil and anguish between this pair is truly a stunning dramatic performance.
The story alternates from the realistic mud and muck of Danish pig farming to the pedantic world of Danish art. Signe (Marie Bach Hansen) embarks into the world of marketing organic produce while Gro (Trine Dyrholm) takes young Hannah under her wing and enables her along with a group of friends to present their first art exhibition.  From this point on, all family struggles and turmoil begin, drawing attention to themes involving alienation and manipulation.
This season of The Legacy portrays what l will call Nordic Art Noir, as l perceive in this storyline a masterpiece of Dadaism in film.  On a deep level there exists a certain irony, as Gro pushes the boundaries of her family's living space and her ideas of conceptual artwork. Each of the four heirs is challenged by their own conception of how their life should be and what risks they take to meet the challenge.
The large family mansion where much of the indoor filming takes place is a masterpiece of colour and contraptions, though also strangely, privilege and privation.  This Season of The Legacy presents many questions and as you will discover, throwing up a fountain of diverging answers.

Review by Nordann Lyshelt.

HOSTAGES - Season Two

This DVD box set is released on Monday 8 May 2017 by Arrow Films.

Starring: Johan Lotan, Kim Boonia, Liat Stern, Yaakov Daniel, Alona Tal, Hilar Vidor, Michal Kaiman and many others.

This series is created by Omri Givron and Rotem Shamir.

It is produced with the participation of Canal+.

Music mix by Binya Reches

Season Two of 'Hostages' introduces us to the dangerous world of the former Head of the Israeli police SWAT Team, Adam Rubin played by Johan Lotan.  (He has the luck of resembling a tired Ewan McGregor and a young Brad Pitt). Good looks apart, Adam becomes involved in the hostage taking of the Israeli Prime Minister, Netzer.  What an altogether crazy situation to knowingly put yourself in, l hear myself say.  But his wife Netta, played by Liat Stern is dying, unless she can be saved by a bone marrow transplant.  Adam is desperate and others are willing to go along with his plans.

Then the plans go awry and the storyline centres on a hostage situation, where they are trapped in old Yeshiva, Jerusalem.

There is a succession of twists and turns, complications and challenges which draws us into the unfortunate predicaments created by the characters.  The action of the story as it unravels is well paced.  Other threads of connected storylines are intriguing. Also, strong female characters with heightened powers of deduction really drive the action forward.

The tension mounts as the episodes progress, and you ask yourself how can this be resolved?

The filming reveals the stunning beauty of the city of Jerusalem with its warm natural colours of old buildings and streets.  In this story of police detection, hostage negotiation and criminal endeavour, there is the constant feeling of brutal heat and heartbreaking brutality.  This new season will be appreciated by Season One's afficionados.

Hebrew language with English subtitles.

Review by Nordann Lyshelt.



The Bureau: Undercover in plain sight Complete Season Two.

This DVD Box Set is released on Monday 17 April 2017.
Starring:. Mathieu Kassovitz, Sara Giraudeau, Pauline Étienne, Zineb Triki, Johnathon Zaccaï, Léa Drucker, Jean-Pierre Daroussin, Gilles Cohen, Florence Loiret Caille, Moe Bar-El, Johnathon Zaccaï, Alba Gaïa Bellugi and others
Film director: Éric Rochant
Produced by Canal +
Composer for film music by Robin Coudert
This popular French political thriller continues in the familiar office surroundings? of the DGSE, the hub of plots, intrigue and planning. The story jumps to the trouble-worn countries of Iran, Syria and Turkey, revealing genuine backdrops linking the heat of the Middle East to the heat in the Bureau.  More insights are revealed in Malotru's cautious and watchful private inner world and yet as with human nature, there are always surprises.
Some new characters are interwoven into Season Two. Young Céline, played by Pauline Étienne, is the new Middle East and North African intelligence officer.  After the inevitable discomfort felt as an office new-start, her abilities are gently revealed.  Sabrina, played by Alice Belaïdi, is a nurse caught up in a tangled web of deception. Shapur (Moe Bar-El) bursts into the story and drives family, friends and colleagues into major tail spin.  The misconceptions of youth and arrogance are abundant and are the meat for cliffhangers in this intriguing tale.
In Season Two, Prune Debailly, played by Alba Gaïa Bellugi, has a larger role in her father's life which l found endearing.  How does an average 20 year old cope with papa being a spy?
Marina returns to her work in seismology only to find 'earthquaking' events following her everywhere.  And Sisteron, played by Johnathon Zaccaï, returns with breathtaking acting in his duplicitous situations. Somehow
Duflot (Jean-Pierre Daroussin), Malotru's boss has become larger on the Bureau stage as tension heightens, waiting for his every decision.
There is also the CIA bull in the china shop - as opposed to the usual hidden ones!  He's easy to spot and yet so credible.
Malotru (Mathieu Kassovitz) continues as the main character of this devious and delicious multi-layered tale of espionage and politicking. It is both thought provoking and thought forming.  The series has attracted many awards and deserves its high public acclaim.
Thank goodness Season Three is in the offing!
French with English subtitles.
Review by Nordann Lyshelt.

Follow the Money  Season 2 - [Bedrag]

This DVD box set is released on Monday 10 April 2017.
Starring:  Natalie Madueño, Thomas Bo Larsen, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Ebsen Smed Jensen, Line Kruse, Thomas Hwan, Waage Sandø, Lucas Hansen, Sonja Richter and David Dencik and many others.
Series created by Jeppe Gjervig Gran
Written by a team led by Anders August.
Film director: Per Fly
Theme music composed by Tobias Wilmer.
Interior design recently introduced the Brits to Danish 'hyggelig'.  Nordic Noir and Beyond now introduces us to the decidedly 'uhyggelig' - uncomfortable - world of Danish banking, bankruptcies and bugged boardrooms.
Viewers of Season One will recognise the return of familiar characters.  Natalie Madueño plays Claudia, the self-seeking, callous young disbarred lawyer, out on bail from prison for her endeavours in Season One.
Thomas Bo Larsen as Mads and Thomas Hwan as Alf return as the police fraud detective team who stumble into the bewildering swamp of riches and greed in the Danish financial sector.
In jarring contrast to the aforementioned swamp is the portrayal of street thugs Nicky, played by Ebsen Smed Jensen and Bimse by Lucas Hansen.  Nicky can be consumately summed up by the Danish word bølle (thug) in a tour de force of superb acting.  Glimpses into his family life attempt to thaw the viewers' antipathy for him as his succession of bad choices ramp up.  Partner in crime, Bimse, an element of sympathy can be felt.  Lucas Hansen plays a truly credible side kick in foul play and fellow worker garage mechanic.  Ebsen Smed Jensen, however, deserves his awards for best supporting actor in his portrayal of Nicky.
Detective Mads and wife Kristina (Line Kruse) return in Season Two bringing real life family decisions as background angst to Mads' police work.  Friction abounds as the storylines progress and the tension mounts.
Danish countryside scenes are almost unreal in their clammy drabness, yet they lend themselves to the filming of this tale of high and low level deception and skullduggery.
Tobias Wilmer's music conjures up drowning-type nightmares and skillfully reflects the introductory visuals as well as the storylines themselves.
Danish with English subtitles.
Review by Nordann Lyshelt.

The Team: the complete series

This DVD box set is released on Monday 6th March 2017.
Starring:  Lars Mikkelsen, Jasmin Gerat, Veerle Baetens, Nicholas Ofczarek, Carlos Leal, Ida Engvoll, Sunnyi Melles, Hilde Van Mieghem, Miriam Stein and André Hennike.
Directed by:  Kasper Gaardsøe and Katherine Windfeld
Series writing credits to Mai Brostrøm and Peter Thorsboe
Music composed by Jean-Paul Wall
The action in this gripping crime drama crisscrosses northern Europe between Denmark, Germany and Austria, bringing together these three countries' top police murder investigation teams.  The Joint Investigation Team set up by Europol comprises Harald Bjørn (Lars Mikkelsen) of Denmark, Jackie Mueller (Jasmin Gerat) of Germany and Alicia Verbeek (Beetle Baetens) of Belgium. The investigation kick-starts with three macabre murders and the race begins to find the killer.  Parallel to the police investigation, the personal lives of the police team members and their assistants are gradually revealed.  This builds a well-tempered tension which makes this series so intriguing to view.
Throughout the episodes there is always a solid feeling of where the action is.  Landscapes and cityscapes are authentic.  The beauty of the Austrian Alps is breathtaking and the vibrant business of sex workers in Copenhagen is a saddening reflection of real world dangers.  The music accompaniment to this series is wonderful.  Composer Jean-Paul Wall is a modest man, whose skill in music creation seamlessly gels emotions with the drama on screen.
There is a huge number of actors in this series, spanning several European countries.  All are intriguing, but a few for my particular commendation are Veerle Baetens, Hilde Van Meighem and Ida Engvoll who portray characters carrying dark secrets. Sunnyi Melles is arguably the only actress to carry off the character she plays.
This series is packed with tension and cliffhangers.  It is eminently rewatchable.
The series has English subtitles.
German, French, Flemish, English, Danish and Swedish are all spoken.  If you are multilingual, this series is lovely to hear actors sliding from one language to another.
Review by Nordann Lyshelt

Apple Tree Yard

Released by Arrow Films Monday 20th February 2017


The Bureau (Le Bureau des Legendes)
Series One

This DVD box set is released on Monday 16 January 2017 by Arrow Films.  

Starring:.  Mathieu Kassovitz, Sara Giraudeau, Zineb Triki, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Johnathon Zaccaï, Irina Muluile and many other notables.
The series is created and co-written by Eric Rochant and produced by Canal +.  It has been highly acclaimed in France, the US, Canada and the UK, having been released on Amazon Prime in June 2016.
This political/spy thriller begins by thrusting you into the tight bubble of duplicity, crises and espionage.  Yet, much of the action is set in the Parisian city streets or behind the closed doors of the Bureau.  In the tight-knit corridors and offices of the DGSE (General Directorate for External Security) the workers are fraught with constant worry and mental turmoil.
When undercover intelligence officer Guillaume Debailly whose clandestine name while in Syria was Paul Lefebvre and codenamed Malotru (played by Mathieu Kassovitz) returns to Paris after six years, his rite of passage is revealed step by step.  Pay attention - blink and you might miss a clue.
Back from Syria, Debailly (or Malotru or Lefebvre) attempts to return to an almost normal life, but it becomes tricky when he is compromised by one of life's great passions ......Love!  Here Zineb Triki plays the love interest, Nadia El Mansour, and draws us exquisitely into this very watchable tale of suspicion and intrigue.
All the characters in this series are well chosen and individual.  Some personal favourites stand out for me.
Belgian actor Johnathon Zaccaï plays Raymond Sisteron, the grim office worrier and workaholic who is nonetheless strangely amusing.  Zaccaï has many films under his belt and received the Magritte Award for Best Actor in 2008 for "Private Lessons".
Granpa and Granma, comically known as Pépé and Mémé, bring noir humour to the boring yet serious espionage business of simply watching.  And lastly, but not least is Irina Muluile who plays The Mule must be mentioned, not least for her alternative method of negotiating Parisian thoroughfares!
French language with English subtitles.
Review by Nordann Lyshelt


ARROW FILMS / NORDIC NOIR and BEYOND releases MODUS in DVD and Blu-ray in a Box set on Monday 19 December 2016.

Starring Magnus Roosman, Melinda Kinnaman, Henrik Norlen, Simon J Berger, Cecilia Nillson, Johan Widerberg and the young Esmeralda Struwe.

This series contains many well-known Swedish actors from Swedish cinema, TV series and theatre.  Melinda Kinnaman plays the ex-FBI profiler and criminal psychologist Inger Johanne Vik in the unglamorous role of harried divorcee and mother of two young daughters, one of whom is autistic Stina (Esmeralda Struwe).  Her long-suffering ex-husband Isak attempts to remove some life-stress from their fractured family and Simon J Berger plays the role sympathetically.

Henrik Norlen plays detective Ingvar Nyman from the National Bureau and appears early in the first episode as a counter point to Vik's ex.

The series lives up to its description of being Noir.  The atmosphere is steely cold with scenes showing the beauty of natural landscapes and snow clad buildings and yet the brooding frigidity is ... chilling!  The riddle of the lack of warm clothing worn by Swedes both indoors and outdoors remains unsolved however.

The storyline is thought-pondering at times and the interpretation of meanings is polemic.  It depends on your personal moral framework and how you wish to adapt it. The main themes centre on human relationships and the notion of family, including the destructive elements such as treachery and secrecy. Amongst all these heavyweight story threads, murder is thrust violently into this network of characters.

The acting is both delicate and at times brutal.  Melinda Kinnaman's micro facial expressions reveal narratives unspoken as she wrangles with decision-making.

Johan Widerberg as Lukas, husband to Elisabeth, the bishop, is a masterpiece of anguish.

This series will give you plenty to think about, but there is sadness at every turn. Perhaps after viewing the DVDs, it may be a good exercise to read the original crime novels by Anne Holt and discover how the co-screenwriters, Mai Brostrom and Peter Thorsboe adapted Holt's stories.

In Swedish with English subtitles.

Review by Nordann Lyshelt.

Braquo Season 4

Arrow Films presents this new DVD set.

Starring :  Jean-Hugue Anglade, Joseph Malerba, Karole Rocher with surprise guest of Boris Terral.

Also starring :  Thierry René, Slimane Diaz and Michel Subor.

Created by Olivier Marshal

Dropped into Season 4 of BRAQUO, the popular French crime noir TV thriller series, you hit the ground running.  The introduction consists of short flashbacks serving as reminders to viewers of previous events.  If you are a new viewer, you become aware that a densely packed storyline precedes Season 4 and that the police team are well-established characters.

From the start the atmosphere is edgy and menacing.  The story is relentless in its tension, as is the cold brutality in the way the filming is shot. The angles of the camera and fast scene changes, along with brilliant scratchy incidental, instrumental music keep you enthralled.  You feel the suffering of the individuals in the police team.  With one character who never has a cigarette far from her lips, it's obvious she is suffering big time.

Season 4 is full of well known and experienced French actors, some of whom have been in  American cinema also.  Michel Subor played Brigitte Bardot's cinema lover in 1955, but in BRAQUO he is powerfully sinister, almost a religious--type figure of the Marseille criminal world.  Thierry René and Slimane Dazi play their characters superbly.  Lastly the surprise appearance of Boris Terral, a name which should be better known outside France, is intriguing.

Each episode is totally engaging, leaving you desperate to find out what will happen next.  The title BRAQUO is taken from the French slang 'braquage' for a hold- up.  This is exactly what you feel watching this series - out on the mean streets of France, with chilling criminals, even though they may be wearing sharp suits and driving fancy cars.

French with English subtitles.

Review by Nordann Lyshelt

The Code: Series 2

Starring Dan Spielman , Ashley Zukerman

This series is Oz Noir in bright sunshine.  The new season of The Code in a DVD box set sombrely races onto our screens with murders and funerals.  No holds barred and no time to grieve, you are immediately gripped by complex filial relationships and characters faced with challenging decisions.

The two Banks brothers, Jesse ( Ashley Zukerman) and Ned ( Dan Spielman ) have explosive history from Season One.  So, this Season opens with repercussions as the two brothers are now faced with extradition to the US.  A deal is struck with the Australian National Security whereby Jesse's hacking skills will help ongoing, high level criminal investigations.

Cyber crime is centre stage and hides nowhere.  As long as access is gained to the web, be it from idyllic islands, the outback or tropical beaches, connections can be made or traced.  Here the enigmatic character of Jan Roth ( Anthony LaPaglia ) appears and the story drives savagely through the dark underweb, swerving past criminal investigation and political speed bumps.  There are no 'parking tickets' in this series.  However, at what point does entertainment drift, if it mismatches audiences understanding the actual story?

Filming is thoughtful and reflects the tension of the storyline.  Clever screen 'information feeds' help viewers grasp computer dialogue exchanges. Throughout, the scenery is spectacular with lush natural Australian and West Papua landscapes.

The release date is Monday 7 November 2016 and comprises 6 episodes of 55 minutes each. 
Language is English.

Review by Nordann Lyshelt






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