Runrig The Last Dance  CD Album Review  25th August 2019

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Runrig’s last live concert “The Last Dance – Farewell Concert” is available from Friday 16th August 2019 on Blu-ray, 2DVD, 2CD, limited 3CD digipak, limited collector’s edition (2DVDs, 3CDs & numbered print inside a coffee table book), and digitally, and it is probably the live album that many fans have always been waiting for.

Recorded over two nights on August 17th – 18th 2018 at the band’s farewell concerts at Stirling Castle, this triple album captures in over three hours of live music an event that those present will probably never forget, and the many more that could not get tickets will wish they were at.  Runrig’s last live concert “The Last Dance” is a fitting final “goodbye and thank you” to the many fans worldwide who have supported Runrig over the 45 years of their musical career and made them the most successful Celtic Rock band of all time.

It is hard to over-estimate exactly what pioneer Celtic Rock bands like Runrig have done over the decades, and arguably none have done it better than Runrig – taking Rock music and blending it so successfully with traditional music and traditional instruments has not only unified the past with the present, but given Celtic music across all platforms a much needed injection of new talent with a new perspective on the music, and just as importantly introduced a whole new youth audience to the possibilities of the fusion between the musical styles

There are simply so many classic songs on these three discs that I am only going to mention a few here, but very appropriately our opening song is “THE YEARS WE SHARED”.  Songs like “THE PLACE WHERE THE RIVERS RUN”, “CANADA”, “IN SEARCH OF ANGELS”, “EVERY RIVER” and many more just hint at the depth of songwriting to come out of Runrig over the decades and illustrate clearly why no other Celtic Rock band has ever really come close to matching their popularity with audiences at home in Scotland, and across the world

Even if you are not a Runrig fan, this album should be on your buy list as many of the songs here are now iconic and classic examples of singer-songwriters at the very top of their game.  Many of these songs will live on for a very long time in their own right.


Review by Tom King


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"Tonight I don’t want a lover
I just need that special friend
Someone who will just hold me tight tonight
As they speak softly to me words of comfort
Hold me in that way they know I like to be held
Let the fragile little child inside of me
Once again come out for just a little time"

Words from "Just Hold Me Tight Tonight
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