Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr Fox The King's Theatre Edinburgh Review Monday 15th May 2017


Three horrible farmers Boggis, Bunce and Bean all hate the cunning Mr Fox for continually stealing their chickens and outwitting them at every turn. Unfortunately for Mr Fox and his friends the determined farmers are now out to get them at any cost.

The opening number set the scene with four blue birds singing in harmony, we are then introduced to the three evil farmers with a shot from Bunce leaving three birds singing and making clear they were the bad guys of the play.

We are then introduced to Fantastic Mr Fox who instantly reminded me of Lord Flashheart of Blackadder fame. On the run with his latest stolen goods, he is cocky and overconfident and won't listen to anyone.

During the show I totally enjoyed the performance of Richard Atwill who played the characters of Farmer Bean and Rat. He instantly grabbed our attention with his strong accent, and the effort he went to making sure the rest of the farmers hated Mr Fox.

I also liked Sandy Foster as Rabbit. Rabbit was the most silly character on stage and the audience loved it.  From jerky exaggerated movements to loud confusing outbursts, Rabbit was most entertaining.

The cast worked well together and that rapport showed in the second act with some of the singing numbers and I got a true sense of fun coming from the stage. 

In addition to the cast I liked the set, lighting and use of the live band that took us on the musical journey.  The stage was set up in two revolving tiers, revealing different sets, from Mr Fox’s home under the tree, tunnelling away and the different basements of each farmer.  The lighting was used to great effect with some smoke, lasers and the glowing eyes of Killer the dog - we were impressed.

We enjoyed this production of Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox, I liked the music and Farmer Bean.

Earl liked Rabbit because “she was silly and kept popping confetti” and he also was “a bit scared by Killer The Dog, only a little but a bit scared” 

Overall the show was entertaining, it had a positive message about teamwork and helping those in need.



Review by Donald Campbell and junior reporter Earl


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