Old Blind Dogs The Queen's Hall Edinburgh Thursday 6th April 2017


Old Blind Dogs were at The Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh tonight bringing their unique blend of Celtic influenced music to a well attended show that saw the band consisting of Jonny Hardie (fiddle), Aaron Jones (bouzouki and guitar), Ali Hutton (pipes) and Donald Hay (percussion) perform some older music and new music from their 25th anniversary celebratory new album “A Room With A View” which was just released on 31 March 2017 on OBD Music.

Despite being around in various line-up formats for 25 years, I have up until now completely missed Old Blind Dogs and their music, and that is a pity as this is one very good and very tight band that with a combination of musical talent, good songs and music, and an ability to connect with an audience had everyone in the audience with them from the start and more than a few up and dancing at various times in the set.¬† The Queen’s Hall was laid out tonight as a seated venue, but I suspect this band are truly at home on an open dance floor.

Songs old and new tonight from the band covering new material from OBD themselves, songs from musicians they respect and traditional songs and music, all blended together into a style that is their own.

This being a tour as part of a new album launch then of course some of the music comes from that new album “A Room With A View”, with “Bunker Hill”, “Sawney Bean”, and “Earl O’ March’s Daughter” giving a little indication of the musical variety contained on it.

This evening with Old Blind Dogs was simply a warm and friendly atmosphere as the band shared their music with the audience, and along the way with a combination of impressive piping from Ali Hutton, fine fiddle playing from Jonny Hardie, interesting drum patterns from  Donald Hay and that very distinctive sound of Aaron Jones on bouzouki , OBDs made the difficult look so laid back and comfortable.

Old Blind Dogs are an interesting band that I will need to catch up with again soon and not leave another 25 year gap before the next visit.

For more information on the band visit www.oldblinddogs.co.uk

Review by Tom King



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