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“Not Who You Think I Am” by the Adult Drama Class at Southside Community Centre was performed on 16th May, the culmination of several months’ work.  This was the first time the class had performed without scripts and in a more theatrical setting than usual, with lighting and backdrop, and I understand it was also the biggest audience they’ve played to so far.


The play was devised and scripted by the Adult Drama Class themselves (directed by their tutor, Rebecca Kilbey) and much of it was based on their own feelings and experiences which gives it a sense of honesty and realism.  Part of the storyline takes place in a Mental Health Clinic, which is an environment I know well as I worked in administration in one for several years, and I have met every one of the types of characters in this play – they were so immediately recognisable without being stereotyped.


This was a well-crafted and very enjoyable play, which really pulled you in and made you care about the characters. It had just the right amount of comedy to stop it being too “heavy”, without detracting from the serious themes at its core.


As with all amateur (and many professional) performances, there were some actors who stood out, but I always feel it’s unfair to pick out anyone for a special mention as it’s very much a group work which I’m sure is a great experience for all involved and for their self-confidence and self-esteem.  Therefore, I’ll give a name-check to all the actors – Sara Lally, Cameron Paton, Joseph Cox, Neil Welch, Pacian Clayton, Nadia Robinson, Gregor Wilson, Prabha Ponnambalam, Kyle Schuller, Xin Zhang, Elaine Fechlie, Gabriel Pinchuk, and Anthony Hutchison.


Review by Lisa Sibbald

NOTE- Star Review system not used on this performance

A little plug here too. for the Summer Drama Project at Southside Community Centre  at 117 Nicolson Street which starts on July 2nd..  At time of writing there are still around 5 or so places left and they would love to attract people who have not done any Live Drama classes before because it's always good to have new perspectives on that particular project






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