Just Like That! The Tommy Cooper Show The Brunton Musselburgh Review Thursday 25th May 2017


On the hottest day in Leith in an age I find myself in Musselburgh Brunton Theatre to see Just Like That! The Tommy Cooper Show.

Having spent what was left of my afternoon in the sun I was a bit apprehensive about spending the evening in a hot theatre.   Well I had a grand time (and it was air conditioned).

The stage was set up with a couple of tables covered in stuff, a large red curtained box, the piano player (Christopher Peters) plays an introduction and from star covered curtains in the centre of the stage emerged Tommy Cooper (John Hewer).  From the off, John plays the character to a tee.  His mannerisms, voice and timing were really good. The show was based on the format of his early shows with a mix of comedy, musical interlude, bad magic and good magic.  We were treated to the egg and bag trick, numerous bad puns, good jokes and the glass bottle trick. 

The show was produced by Hambledon Productions who amongst other things produced two ‘lost’ episodes of Hancock’s Half Hour which was the first time the scripts were performed since their original broadcast.  In 2014 they were given full co-operation and support of The Tommy Cooper Estate to create a definitive tribute show. After good reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe the production moved to the Museum of Comedy in London and then on tour.

It's over thirty years since Tommy Cooper passed away and this show is a tribute to the man, if you remember his work then this is an opportunity to get a glimpse of his genius, if you haven’t seen any of his stuff then you will be entertained by a good show that gets you laughing.

Review by Donald Campbell

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