Hannah Aldridge with Jetbone and Liz Jones The Voodoo Rooms  Edinburgh  Review Sunday 5th November

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Hannah Aldridge at The Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh with Swedish rock band Jetbone brought more than a few of their own musical fireworks with them to light up the stage on this 2017 Guy Fawkes night.

Hannah Aldridge is currently touring and promoting her latest album “Gold Rush” and, as you would expect, a lot of the material in this show comes from that album. “Gold Rush” is an album that I like a lot, but I have to admit that I was curious to find out how Hannah was going to retain that very “indie rock” sound that many of the songs have as she often performs live with minimal back up.  The answer to that of course is the highly impressive sounds of Jetbone who retained much of the original sound of the album live.

Having just reviewed the album (our review of “Gold Rush is available from this page - http://www.southsideadvertiser.biz./Hannah-Aldridge-Gold-Rush-CD-Album-Review.htm ), it will be no surprise that one of my favourite songs in this show is “Shouldn't Hurt So Bad”.  Great to hear other  songs from this album such as “Aftermath” and “Burning Down Birmingham” played live with the energy that Jetbone could provide on backing, allowing Hannah Aldridge to be in full “indie rock girl” mode for most of the show and allow the full strength of her vocals to be let loose.

Hannah Aldridge is always to me a contrasting figure of lightness and darkness in constant conflict with one another, and that ever changing range of emotions is always present in her music, and a solo interlude with the always very powerful song “Parchman” provided a perfect window into the two opposite sides of Hannah as a songwriter.  Here is a songwriter who can move from the most delicate and touching of human emotions to writing music for television horror shows with effortless ease.  Always nice too to hear older songs in the set, including “Old Ghost” and “Howlin’ Bones”.

Simply a great show from Hannah Aldridge looking so comfortable onstage with both her music and Jetbone providing great sound to her music.

Who are Jetbone then?  That is a question that I was immediately asking myself as I arrived at this show in time to catch their pre Hannah on stage personal set, and if you catch this band live you cannot help but be impressed by their musical abilities and presence on-stage.  Jetbone are a little bit like all of your classic 1970s “rock heroes” distilled down to one band, and at times it is almost as if they have somehow fallen through a small crack in time and space and somehow fell right out of the 1970s directly.

The quote below from their own website pretty much says it all

“Jetbone is a Swedish rock band from Sundsvall, formed in 2008. The band consists of Alin Riabouchkin (vocals and guitar), Gustav “Gurten” Sjödin (bass and vocals), Sebastian Engberg (lead guitar), Rasmus Fors (piano and organs) and Albin Linder (drums). Jetbone’s music is versatile within the rock and roll scene, yet heavily influenced by southern rock, funk and soul. To date, they have two studio albums – the self-titled album “Jetbone” released in 2012, and their recent album “Magical Ride” released in 2015. They are currently active in Sweden, playing various shows and engaging in diverse musical projects”

For more information about Jetbone see their own website at http://jetbone.se/

Now down to the apologies for this review.  Liz Jones was opening tonight’s show, but my apologies to Liz, I just could not make it down to the Voodoo Rooms in time for your set.  Liz Jones and “Broken Windows” do have a very good debut album out at the moment.  You can read our review at




Review by Tom King





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