Grant Stott's Tales From Behind The Mic King's Theatre Edinburgh Sunday 7th May 2017


Grant Stott’s Tales From Behind The Mic at The King’s Theatre is an entertaining trip down memory lane with someone many at The King’s Theatre are more familiar seeing on that stage as their much loved Christmas show pantomime villain – one third of the “panto trio”.  This show does show that even without his usual on stage collaborators of Andy Gray and Allan Stewart, Grant is more than capable as a solo performer.

Grant Stott of course was known to many Radio Forth listeners for hosting the hugely popular daytime Radio Show on Forth 1 for 17 years, but before that, more radio shows and a double life at Lothian and Borders Police, pounding the beat as PC Stott 35G while at the same time performing as a night-club DJ.  The latter was not viewed upon by his superiors as a suitable job for a serving police officer and something had to give…goodbye then to PC Stott 35G.

Grant’s many years as a professional radio presenter make “Tales From Behind The Mic” seem effortless and as he comes onto a simple stage set up with ipad and projected back drop to show pictures and small clips, he sets up stories with ease.  You don’t need to know anything about him to enjoy the show as Grant tells with humour and charm his story from DJ in club to police officer moonlighting in clubs to radio.  For telling his often very funny stories he uses audio clips to complement his delivery.   As the stories here are about what happened to him in all of his various guises in Edinburgh, there was of course that instant connection with many of the audience members who obviously remembered many of the places in his stories.

The second half of our show took a slightly different approach at times in style to the first half, but everything was still delivered in a very smooth, easy flowing performance full of personal charm and on stage confidence.

With an adult theme and language the sing-a-long Ofcom song is rudely funny, using social media tweets and comments that provide great material for his show. Of course we touched upon his panto experience over the years.  Our show ends with “That's Fife”, and a genuine heartfelt shout out to those who helped and encouraged him.

I have reviewed the King’s Theatre Pantomime for the past few years now and greatly enjoyed Grant’s performance in them, and this show provided a welcome insight into another side of a very talented on stage performer who has over his many years as a broadcaster honed his “Behind The Mic” to very high professional standards while at the same time retaining a warm connection with his audience.   I will look forward to seeing what future offerings Grant Stott the stage performer has to offer.


Review by Donald Campbell

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