The Tina Turner Story theSpace @ Surgeons Hall Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019 Review Thursday 22nd August

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The Tina Turner Story at theSpace @ Symposium Hall is one of a series of “music story” shows that Night Owl bring to The Fringe every year, but this one is very different from other shows as it features the amazing vocal talents of Cleopatra Higgins.

My first experience of Cleopatra’s voice was when she was part of the “RESPECT The Aretha Franklin Songbook” touring theatre show, so the chance to catch her vocals in the far smaller and much more intimate space of this venue was always interesting, but I have to admit that the format of the show was putting me off a bit.  The reason for that was that, although Tina Turner was an exceptional performance talent, all too often very poor “tribute” singers have made her music almost karaoke.  I am glad that I took some advice to go and see this show because Cleopatra Higgins is NOT a tribute artist trying to sound like Tina Turner, Cleopatra Higgins is an outstanding performer in her own right who for this show just happens to be singing some of the best known songs of Tina Turner.

The relationship between Tina and husband Ike is covered in brief detail here, but it is a story known to many people, the story of Tina’s triumph against all the odds to become a global star at a time in her life when many singers were well past their creative best. Simply the most spectacular comeback in pop music history.

I always have a liking for the early years of Tina Turner, and some of her most successful songs are of course here - "Nutbush City Limits" and of course “River Deep Mountain High”, and Cleopatra’s performance of both of these is up there with the originals for me.

We of course come to the “Rebirth Years” and of course, songs like “Simply The Best” and “What’s Love Got To Do With It” have to be in the set, and again, Cleopatra Higgins makes them her own.

If you like Tina Turner songs then this is a show for you.  If you do not like Tina Turner songs that much then still go as Cleopatra Higgins has the voice and the performance experience needed to take this show to a different level and could easily be giving a performance like the one this afternoon at any major theatre in the country; take a rare chance to catch a performer of this quality in a small and intimate space like Symposium Hall.

Cleopatra Higgins is also performing in The Aretha Franklin Story at the same venue which is now a “must see” on my Fringe 2019 show list.


The Tina Turner Story

theSpace @ Symposium Hall

Aug 22-25


50 minutes

Country: United Kingdom - England

Group: Night Owl Shows


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