Dan Haynes – Had Some Falls Tour theSpace @ Surgeons Hall Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019 Review Saturday 10th August

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Dan Haynes - Had Some Falls Tour at theSpace @ Surgeons Hall features one half of one of the most successful Fringe shows for many years now finally taking his own music to The Edinburgh Festival Fringe stage. For more than a few years now, Dan Haynes and Pete Richards aka “Bookends” have been selling out every performance here (and many other venues across the UK, Europe and USA) with their tribute to the music of Simon & Garfunkel with “Simon & Garfunkel Through The Years”.

I mention this fact early in this review, because if you have seen any of Bookends’ shows and liked what you heard, or even just have a liking for that well written and gently performed style of song, then this show is one to put into your Fringe diary.  All of the songs in this show are either written by Dan, or in collaboration with singer, songwriter/guitarist Johnny Castle (from Exploring Birdsong).

Every artist has their musical influences and Simon & Garfunkel are obviously a large one upon Dan’s music, but this is not an “in the style of” set of songs.  Instead this is music from two talented songwriters who are developing their own identity as artists, and along the way writing some very interesting lyrics and music.

Opening this set with “You Come Alive” from that album, we quickly followed on with the title track “Had Some Falls”.  Interestingly, for someone returning to his own music after more than a few years’ break due to involvement in other projects, Dan did not go down the easy path of simply playing his way through his current album, but gave us some new solo songs and new songs co-written with Jonny Knight. Standing out for me from this set, and also it seems one of Dan’s favourites too, was “Change or Remove”.

Dan Haynes has a gentle and laid back style of presentation and delivery that perfectly matches his vocals, but this easy style does hide some very serious skills as a guitarist and songwriter for writing songs in different guitar tunings – why make your job easy and stick to standard tuning?

Some of the songs in today’s set come from Dan’s Had Some Falls album, and I recently reviewed that album for this website.  You can read that review at



Dan Haynes – Had Some Falls Tour

theSpace @ Surgeons Hall

Aug 2-24


45 minutes

Country: United Kingdom - England

Group: Seventh Avenue Arts


Review by Tom King




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With every falling snowflake I feel you closer now to me"


Words from "The Last Snowfall"
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