Blazin' Fiddles with Emily Smith The Queen's Hall Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019 Review Wednesday 14th August

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Blazin’ Fiddles with Emily Smith at The Queen's Hall tonight was a bit of a special occasion for the band as it was the opening date on their Scottish tour and they are also celebrating 21 years as a band.  As usual, our core line up is made up of four fiddlers - Jenna Reid, Bruce MacGregor, Rua Macmillan, Kristan Harvey. Adding to the musical depth of the band were Anna Massie on guitar/fiddle and Angus Lyon on keys. Vocalist and accordion player Emily Smith also joins the band for this tour.

With a very well attended Queen’s Hall it was good to see that even with so much going on around them at “The Fringe” the band can bring the people in to their shows in numbers and, as usual, the band hit the stage at a running gallop with the quirkily named “Buckfast at Tiffany’s”.  That initial energy and enthusiasm for the music continued all throughout the show from the band, and even though this venue was an all seated one tonight, that ceilidh feeling was still there in new songs and traditional classics, all played in a very distinctive Blazin’ Fiddles style.

The inclusion of Emily Smith in this tour is a good choice as her own musical style blends in perfectly with Blazin’ Fiddles, and I have to admit that I always enjoy listening to the very clear and pure vocals of this sometimes under-rated singer. Emily Smith can add that elusive “something” to a song that few singers can manage, and whenever I think of her as a singer, “The Parting Glass” always comes into my mind as few people can get this song just right like Emily can.  A pleasure then to hear that special voice on songs like “Twa Sisters” and “The Final Trawl”.

As always with Blazin’ Fiddles, the music took us on a journey, this time from local songs to those across the water in Ireland and of course the now almost trademark song of the band “The Black Pig” had to be in this evening’s set.

If you have never seen the band play and wonder why so many people rate Blazin’ Fiddles as one of the best fiddle bands around, then just go to one of their shows, the answer is obvious.


Blazin' Fiddles with Emily Smith

The Queen's Hall

Aug 14, 21


2 hours

Country: United Kingdom - Scotland

Group: Blazin' Fiddles with Emily Smith


Review by Tom King




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