Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 Misha's Gang  theSpace @ Surgeons Hall - Grand Theatre Review Friday 3rd  August

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Misha's Gang aka Misha Rachlevsky and his 14-strong Gang (Russian String Orchestra) reminded everyone at theSpace @ Surgeons Hall - Grand Theatre this afternoon why they were one of the runaway success stories of last year’s Fringe, and Herald Angel winners for 2017 with another display of infectious musical energy and talent.

This show is one of three different projects this year by Misha's Gang, and the range of music played today (as last year) was diverse in its source material, and still only a small part of the enormous musical repertoire that they have at their disposal.

In classical style, we took journeys into the musical works of Rossini, Shostakovich and Mendelssohn with Misha giving everyone a small insight into the lives of musicians and music that he (and the orchestra) obviously love so much.

There are many reasons why I like Misha Rachlevsky and Misha's Gang, and music is only one of them.  Everyone in Misha’s Gang is there for one reason only – talent - but that is not enough as there are so many talented classical (and many other genre) musicians out there.  What makes Misha's Gang special is the obvious love of the music and the pleasure that they all take from sharing that music with an audience.  Misha Rachlevsky is a huge talent in his own right, but the work that he is doing with the many young musicians in his gang is so important.  The world needs more people like Misha Rachlevsky to not only pass on their love of music to the next generation of musicians, but also to help them develop and open doors for them.

In addition to this important work, Misha Rachlevsky and Misha's Gang are also breaking down many of the stereotyped views that for some reason have grown up around classical music.  Classical music is not, and never has been, for only a social elite, it belongs to everyone, and more musical educators of Misha’s quality and flair are always needed to make sure that music reaches as wide an audience as possible and that young musicians are given that chance to develop their talents.

Whatever show you decide to go to, just be prepared to sit back and enjoy some wonderful music, and hopefully share a little bit of Misha’s infectious love for the music along the way too.

Review by Tom King



Misha's Gang

theSpace @ Surgeons Hall - Grand Theatre


Aug 3-14, 16-25

1 hour 10 minutes

Suitability: 3+

Country: Russian Federation

Group: Russian String Orchestra




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