Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 Eva Cassidy The Story theSpace @ Symposium Hall - Amphitheatre Thursday 9th  August

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Eva Cassidy: The Story at theSpace @ Symposium Hall – Amphitheatre features a magical combination of the music of Eva Cassidy with the voice of Elsa Jean McTaggart as she pays a heartfelt musical homage to her own favourite artist.

Many Fringe audiences will already know Elsa Jean McTaggart from her popular traditional Scottish themed shows, and also perhaps from last year’s launch of this show at Fringe 2017.  This show, although still featuring many of Eva Cassidy’s iconic songs, is a new show with some changes to the set list based on audience requests from last year’s show.  Of course, there are some Eva Cassidy songs/arrangements that simply have to be in a show like this, and “Fields of Gold” and “Over The Rainbow” are two of them.  There are a few surprises in this set list too, and as I know Elsa has been working hard on these new songs, I am not spoiling the surprise for you; go and see the show.

Eva Cassidy was a unique and distinctive voice in music, and Elsa Jean McTaggart is also a unique and distinctive voice, and although the two are definitely not the same, I can think of few singers better vocally suited than Elsa to be doing an Eva Cassidy themed show.  I am deliberately avoiding labelling this as a “tribute show” as it is definitely not one in the normal sense of the genre.  Elsa Jean McTaggart is making no attempt to be “Eva Cassidy”, but like so often Eva herself, Elsa is singing songs that she loves to sing.  This show is a tribute to Eva Cassidy in the best and most honest way – through her musical legacy.

Also tonight on one song, Elsa’s sister, Irenie Rose.  Irenie is also this Fringe paying her own musical tribute to one of her own music inspirations – Joan Baez.


Review by Tom King


Eva Cassidy: The Story

theSpace @ Symposium Hall - Amphitheatre

Times vary. Click 'Dates, times and prices' to view the calendar

Aug 3-25

50 minutes

Suitability: 12+ (Guideline)

Country: United Kingdom - Scotland

Group: Elsa Jean McTaggart




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