Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 André Krengel and Roland Krause Acoustic Music Centre UCC Main Room Saturday 11th  August

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André Krengel and Roland Krause playing together at Acoustic Music Centre UCC Main Room is simply a treat for any fans of acoustic guitar playing.  Both André Krengel and Roland Krause are fine guitarists, songwriters and innovative interpreters of other writers’ songs.  This show featured a mix of work from each, and other music that covered a wide variety of apparently effortless changes in musical styles as we explored jazz, swing, flamenco, blues, pop, funk and Latin American melodies.

André and Roland are old friends whose career paths over the years saw them part and explore the world in separate adventures (including fame with a puppet show for Roland), and unexpectedly meet up again recently to re-explore their friendship and love of music together.

This set is in part an exploration of those travels, and the places, people and sounds that they have met along the way.  These songs also though reflect the joy of friendships, and the pain of losing friends and loved ones.

The last time I saw André Krengel perform in Edinburgh he was on-stage with Lulo Reinhardt, and his skill and sound as a guitar player impressed me a lot that night.  I still continued to be impressed at this performance.

André and Roland have more shows to perform at this venue, so I don’t want to give too much of their set list away, but their interpretation of Oscar Peterson’s “Nigerian Market” is something special. Roland Krause is also a fine guitarist, and together there is always that expectation of something special about to happen from both players.

Oddly enough though for an “acoustic music” venue, this performance space is very difficult to sound insulate against background noise from what is happening elsewhere in the building at times, and that was obviously concerning André on one particular song tonight.


Review by Tom King



André Krengel and Roland Krause

Accoustic Music Centre UCC Main Room


Aug 8-12

1 hour

Suitability: 0+

Country: United Kingdom - Scotland

Group: André Krengel and Roland Krause




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