Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017 Cirkopolis Pleasance at EICC (Venue 150) Review Friday 11th August


Cirkopolis by Cirque Eloize performing at The Edinburgh International Conference Centre at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is one show that you have to put on your must see list if you are a fan of contemporary circus or physical performance theatre, as it is simply an outstanding show.

I saw this show in 2015 when it came to Edinburgh and a second visit has dulled none of the astonishment at the skills of the performers of this multi disciplined “new circus”. Cirque Eloize is  based in Montreal, and Cirkopolis is one of many shows performed  by this innovative company since 1993 and this outstanding blend of circus, theatre, dance, music and art takes everything to new performance levels.

The vision of this unique show is pretty much that of Artistic and Co Director Jeannot Painchaud and Co Director and Choreographer Dave St Pierre.  The theme of the show is based on two classic movies many years apart from one another – the timeless future visions of Metropolis by Fritz Lang and at times crazy world of Brazil by Terry Gilliam.  Set against the humdrum monotony of office life in a world of grey suits and against superb 3D graphics on a giant screen, "Metropolis" like machinery and buildings are brought to life.  The tedium of life is only interrupted by the colour and spectacle of "The Circus".

Cirkopolis may be a modern fusion of many disciplines, but the basic circus approach has all the elements of traditional circus performers.  We have acrobats, jugglers, contortionists, aerial and rope artists, Chinese pole, balancing acts, strong-men, Cyr Wheels, a bit of clowning and much much more.

Again one of my highlights from this show is a Cyr Wheel performance, full of grace in which the wheel almost has a life of its own. The Cyr wheel is named after its inventor (and Cirque Eloize co- founder) Daniel Cyr. Also here an amazing wonderful almost Gene Kelly style Hollywood dance routine highlighting some amazing contortionist and balancing skills.

There are a lot of highly skilled “New Circus” performance companies around at the moment, but there is only one Cirkopolis by Cirque Eloize, and what raises them above so many others is that ability to mix dazzling performance with on screen visuals and outstanding choreography that brings an element of grace and style to everything…this show is the complete package.

A little extra note here too for the technical crew tonight.  Cirkopolis is a show with a lot of visuals, soundtracks and lights, and every one of those elements has to come together at the perfect time for our performers on stage, so a big credit too to the often forgotten technical crew behind any show who handle light, sound and visuals as they did a perfect job tonight.

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Review by Tom King





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