Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017 Underbelly’s Circus Hub on the Meadows (Venue 360) Review Wednesday 9th August


Barely Methodical Troupe return to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year with their production of Kin at The Underbelly Circus Hub on The Meadows, with a clear display of why they are at the forefront of  physical circus in the UK with their blend of physical theatre and  circus performance skills.

This show started slowly for me (a little too slowly) with its almost comedic farce opening to our story line that flows through the whole performance, but even this early it was obvious that beneath the comedy there were some serious skills waiting to be brought to the show.  This was an early 5pm performance though with young  children in the audience, so maybe some of the sexual references could be edited out of the story line, or toned down a little as they would not affect the overall performance in any way.

Kin is though at its core a dazzling display of performance circus skills and once the initial slow opening routine is out of the way and the show really starts, then Cyr wheels, jaw dropping acrobatics, tumbling, and elegant  contemporary movement routines all have their place in this show.

Kin is performed by a six person circus troupe, five guys and one girl, and while it is always unfair to single one person in a performance like this out, I have to mention the fearless Nikki Rummer, a small package of unbelievable strength and power.

This performance is, like all physical circus of this performance level, one that dazzles us all as an audience, but that small on stage performance time hides the many, many hours of practice and pain required to get to this skill level.  Kin is a true example of one person having to have total trust in the people around them – there is absolutely no margin for error here, everyone has to be in exactly the right spot at the right time and each performer has to unquestionably believe in that.

There were no information leaflets that I could see being given out at this show, so I did a little internet search on the company.  Take a look at their website as there is a lot more to find out about the company, the performers and their shows.



Review by Tom King






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