Dinosaur World Festival Theatre Edinburgh Review Monday 10th April 2017


Dinosaur World has been touring the world for the past few years entertaining and educating families. This show brings exciting new dinosaurs and is bigger than before, so I am not sure who was looking forward to this show the most - my young son Earl, or myself.

Our adventure soon begins, and Miranda is our enthusiastic guide who tells us her palaeontologist parents went on the search for a fabled dinosaur island and promptly got marooned there. It took twenty five years to fix the ship and here we are with some of Miranda’s friends in this interactive stage show that lets you meet carnivores and herbivores, little dino babies and huge adults.

Our dinosaur guide taught us a thing or two about the different time periods, from the cretaceous to the jurassic and we got to meet some of the variety of dinos from those times.  The monstrous T Rex was one of the highlights of the show.  Big, loud and terrifying, it did not fail to entertain. It also educated the young (and I'm sure many of the older) members of the audience in a way that did not seem like a class room lecture, and made learning fun. It was interesting to see how "Dinosaur World" combined education and theatre for children into one show.

The dinosaurs are essentially large puppets operated by one or more performers.  The well practised movements allowed for the show to be interactive with the audience and capture the attention of the younger viewers really well.

Earl's favourite things were seeing the Segnosaurus, being frightened by the massive T-Rex and getting to meet and touch the stars of the show at the end.

To sum up the show was fun, entertaining and educational. At sixty-five minutes with meet and greet, the show was just the right length for Earl. We left with a desire to learn more dinosaur stuff and ended our afternoon out by going to the museum and looking at actual dino bones.  So if you like dinosaurs, puppets and being entertained, Dinosaur World is a fun way to spend an Easter holiday afternoon with the children.


Review by Earl and Donald

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