Danny Bryant Means of Escape CD Album Review   5th August  2019

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 “Means of Escape", the new studio album from British Blues guitarist Danny Bryant, will be released on Friday 20th September via Jazzhaus Records, and on this album Danny Bryant also marks his first tenure as producer by assembling some of the best talent in the blues music business including having it engineered by Grammy Award-winning engineer Ian Dowling (Adele, KT Tunstall).

Recorded at Lincolnshire's famed Chapel Studios, "Means of Escape" features nine tracks which will appeal (I hope) to the growing blues/rock fan-base that Danny has already worked so hard to establish over the years, and new listeners maybe looking for that something a little different too.  The “Blues Music Market” has over the years become one of the most competitive of all musical markets (classical being another) to not only stand out in somehow, as there are just so many talented musicians out there at the moment, but also to add something a little different to musically, and as always with an album, Danny Bryant proves that he has the ability to do both.

Some songs on Danny Bryant’s last album “Revelation” dealt with his personal pain of his father Ken Bryant’s death, and that pain has obviously still not gone away as “Skin and Bone” is for me the most powerful song on this new album.  That theme of dealing with a very difficult loss of someone very special also continues in “Where The River Ends”, and both songs actually interest me more for their powerful and emotional words than the music itself.  The Blues as a music genre is so often about personal pain and loss, but these two fine songs have the potential to cross into other musical genres with ease.

If you like your Blues to sound like the classic songs from the great “Bluesmiths” then “Hurting Time” is proof that someone out there is still capable of making them and that someone is Danny Bryant.

 "Means of Escape" is an album full of songs about facing difficult times in your life but, somehow, each song here has a very different approach to expressing these emotions both musically and lyrically, and although many people out there will be buying this album for its “blues music”, it is perhaps time to put that aside for a little while and simply recognise Danny Bryant as the very good songwriter that he is.



1. Tired Of Trying

2. Too Far Gone

3. Means Of Escape

4. Nine Lives

5. Skin And Bone

6. Warning Signs (In Her Eyes)

7. Where The River Ends

8. Hurting Time

9. Mya


Review by Tom King


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"Tonight I don’t want a lover
I just need that special friend
Someone who will just hold me tight tonight
As they speak softly to me words of comfort
Hold me in that way they know I like to be held
Let the fragile little child inside of me
Once again come out for just a little time"

Words from "Just Hold Me Tight Tonight
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