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A-Z of Edinburgh by Lisa Sibbald Review

A-Z of Edinburgh written by Southside Advertiser’s very own Lisa Sibbald is out now and available online and in bookshops (and of course available direct from our website).  While obviously having perhaps a little bias in this review, I hope to at least give readers a flavour of the book.

Published by Amberley Publishing, A-Z of Edinburgh is an alphabetical, 96 page look at Edinburgh’s rich history through events, places and people with words and photographs by Lisa Sibbald.  The book takes the format of almost a tour guide introduction that takes us from Edinburgh’s long and varied past up to the present day.

With a factual and at times light hearted approach to entries, Lisa introduces us to well known historical characters that include Burke & Hare, Mary Queen of Scots and Greyfriars Bobby to contemporary people like Ian Rankin and J K Rowling who continue to add to the vibrancy of Edinburgh as a city.

Edinburgh and the history of Scotland are completely interwoven with one another and although events like the birth of King  James VI (later King James I of England) in Edinburgh Castle may be well known already to many people, perhaps events like the Zeppelin bombing raid on Edinburgh of World War 1 may be a lesser known fact.

A-Z of Edinburgh is a compact, well written and photographed book that  serves as a perfect introduction to Edinburgh, its history, places and people and opens the door for readers to explore in more detail if they wish in other more specialised publications many of the entries listed here.

Lisa is currently working on her second book for Amberley Publishing, A-Z of Leith which will be available towards the end of this year.


Review by Tom King



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