Old Habits Die Hard is the new 12 track album (out May 20th) from Vancouver based blues-rock quartet No Sinner.  The band is led by singer-songwriter Colleen Rennison, and the songs here take us on a powerhouse vocal journey at times reminiscent of Janis Joplin as we explore life in the fast lane from a female perspective...a perspective that on many songs is that of a strong and free-spirited woman on many songs, but also one of someone just wanting to belong on other songs.

Despite being labelled as a blues-rock quartet (I so dislike labelling music and bands), this album shows No Sinner to have far wider musical influences than this.

Yes there are blues-rock songs here like the opening track “All Woman”, but there are some touching ballads too.  “Hollow” and my favourite track from this album “Lines on The Highway” are worth buying this album for just on their own.

Colleen Rennison may have that classic blues-rock powerhouse voice that drives us through many of the songs here, but she also has a voice well suited to ballads and that is a direction I would love to see explored more in later albums.

This album offers so many musical directions for No Sinner to explore one day as they expand their music.  Yes, there is that obvious blues-rock element here, but I can hear influences of bands like The Who on “One More Time” and at times a late 70s / early 80s punk sound on a few tracks such as “Get It Up”.  At times Colleen’s voice has a Chrissie Hynde quality to it here.

I can hear so many musical influences here – Blondie (the band and not Debbie Harry) and T-Rex are in here at times, but it all blends together into a sound that is Colleen Rennison and No Sinner.

This is my first introduction to the band (I missed out on their earlier Boo Hoo Hoo debut album ) and they are certainly a band that I want to keep an eye out for as new music comes out from them.

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Review by Tom King

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