MICHAEL SCHENKER'S TEMPLE OF ROCK On A Mission - Live in Madrid DVD Review. Temple Of Rock, Scorpions, UFO, MSG



Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock “On a Mission – Live in Madrid” DVD (and other formats) is released on April 29th, and Michel Schenker fans are in for a treat as this DVD is a great stand alone performance as a live rock DVD on its own merits, but for anyone who managed to get to one of the concerts on this tour, a great memento of the shows and a chance to re-live a little of that magic.

This DVD was filmed at the sell-out show at the amazing looking Joy Eslava Theatre in Madrid…that wonderful sort of classic three-tiered theatres that they just don’t build anymore.

Temple of Rock the band consist of Francis Buchholz (bass), Herman Rarebell (drums), Wayne Findlay (guitar and keyboards), Doogie White (vocals) and of course Michael Schenker (guitar).  This combination of older and newer musicians in the Michael Schenker sound works so well as they perform not only newer material like “Live and Let Live” and Vigilante Man” alongside huge crowd pleasers from the Scorpions, UFO, and MSG  days - “Lovedrive”, “Blackout”, “Doctor Doctor”, “Rock Bottom” and many more in this 22 song show.

Like the show itself, this DVD is giving fans everything they could want.  This is just not another “get the DVD out, get the money in” item.  A lot of care and attention has gone into the sound and filming on this project.  You can just sit back and watch the show of course, but even better than that you can watch in close up detail the various guitars Michael Schenker played on stage, particularly that huge double neck Flying-M , plus you get to see in close up Michael at his best playing songs he loves to fans he so obviously enjoys being on stage for.

This DVD comes with some nice extras too – Doogie outside the theatre before everyone goes in.  Their reaction when a few people start to realise who he is, is interesting to watch as they obviously did not expect to be standing there talking to him and getting photos taken with him.  Nice to see Doogie just being so “part of the crowd”.  Also a nice treat is video of some of the sound checks.  A 12 page booklet also comes with the DVD.

I was at the Edinburgh concert on this tour on 22nd January this year, and the band still had all the energy that they brought to this show as they simply delivered exactly what their fans wanted to see and hear.

Watching this DVDjust made me realise just how good Francis Buchholz and Wayne Findlay are too, as on stage Michael Schenker is such a huge presence that deliberately or not you do tend to focus on him more than others, so it was nice to sit back and watch this show and notice some of the things that I had missed a little at the actual concert.

Definitely a DVD not only for Michael Schenker fans but music fans in general.  You do not have to be a Michael Schenker fan, or even a rock music fan, to recognise when you watch and listen to this performance that a huge talent is on stage.


Review by Tom King

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