Kim Edgar "Stories Untold" album review.



“Stories Untold” the new album from Kim Edgar, over 12 songs gives us a carefully constructed musically cohesive sound that beneath the haunting fragility of many of the tracks gives us sometimes hard hitting lyrics that are at times at odds with the gentleness of the music.  It takes a skilful writer to do this properly, and Kim Edgar is such a writer, and one with a keen observation of the small details of people’s lives and the ability to turn those details into stories that can touch the listener at a very emotional level.

“Stories Untold” may have a very Celtic/folk flavour running through many of its songs, but the subject matter is far more varied.  This is one of those albums that is so carefully balanced in the song selections that you really have to put some time aside and listen to it as a complete work rather than cherry picking songs out of order.  Having said that though, there are a few favourites here that I would be happy to listen to as single stand-alone tracks – “The Whole Rainbow” – a song full of the potential of what a new born child could be if brought up free from gender stereotyping and “Significant Other Deceased”.  This almost heart-breaking song captures in a few words the pain of being the “significant other” left to go on in life alone and not coping too well with the situation.  Perhaps this song works so well because it is a situation many of us will have to face one day (if not already) and secretly fear.

Wrapped in delicate music masking their lyrical content – “Things Crack, Then Shatter” a story of how childhood domestic troubles can leave their mark on a person in later life and “Arms” the harrowing song about child soldiers in the world.

This album is a piece of work that you can approach on more than one level.  You can if you want just listen to the almost soothing music and leave it at that, or listen a little bit closer to the stories beneath the music.

The album comes in a tri-fold pack with a 12 page booklet of lyrics.  For further details visit

If you can, try and catch Kim Edgar live at one of her coming shows.  The haunting voice of Kim’s on this album is somehow more so live...a voice that gently floats in the air itself.

Review by Tom King

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