Tide Lines Let's Make Tonight CD EP Review 20th October 2018

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 Tide Lines have a new six track EP coming out very soon (around 26 October) called “Let’s Make Tonight”.  The EP follows closely on the release of the band’s debut physical, hard copy album “Dreams We Never Lost” (reviewed on this link REVIEW).  I am making a clear “in your hand CD album” distinction here as, although the music of Tide Lines sources much of its strength and inspiration from traditional Scottish music, the band are very much a 21st century band making use of digital download music technology to get their music out there, and with almost 3 million Spotify streams alone to date, Tide Lines have been very successful in that modern sales space already.

Tide Lines are a tight and talented band musically, but they also have that added extra of being good songwriters too, and it is a tribute to both these skills that apart from a live version from a song on their album that has obviously become a live show favourite – “Far Side of the World” (Live from HebCelt) - the other five songs here are not from their debut album.

Tide Lines band members are four young musicians originally from the Highlands of Scotland, and like their debut album, this EP continues in its celebration of being young and full of hope of things yet to come, also an examination of self-identity that is mixing traditional music, landscapes and values with the band’s growing exposure to an urban lifestyle and, perhaps along the way, encountering some different and changing values from an ever invasive modern world.   That sense of a journey, exploration  and hope are perfectly captured in the opening track “17 Again” from which the EP title comes from “Let’s Make Tonight”.

Solid songwriting is at the heart of the music of “Tide Lines” and there is a lyrical creativity to many of the songs; ”Bring The Summer” is one such song, and “Watch the Stars” is another.   There is an energy to Tide Lines the band that only the young ever have for all too short a time, and they are obviously well aware of this as they are crafting so many youth anthems in their music at the moment.  What this EP and the album “Dreams We Never Lost” proves easily though is that this band have the songwriting maturity to move far past the youth anthems when their time comes to move on.  They are already writing and recording songs of real musical and lyrical maturity and quality and there is obviously so much more music to come from Tide Lines in the coming years.

Tide Lines the band are

Robert Robertson
Alasdair Turner
Ross Wilson
Fergus Munro


For further information on the band and their music visit





1 17 Again

2 Streets of Dreamers

3  Bring the Summer  

4  The Rising Moon

5  Watch the Stars

6 Far Side of the World (Live from HebCelt)


Review by Tom King




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