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Tide Lines are a young, Scottish four piece band that have built up a solid reputation over the past few years playing music festivals in Scotland, Denmark, and throughout Europe.  On the back of their live shows, the band have built up a strong following both in the old fashioned “touring” schedule way selling over 15,000 CDs from live shows sales,  but also in the digital world of 21st century music with   almost 3 million Spotify streams.  Currently, the band have their first hard copy, physical CD album out, “Dreams We Never Lost”, and a six track EP (reviewed at link REVIEW)

Tide Lines are an interesting band blending the musical roots of their Highlands of Scotland upbringing with a contemporary Americana and harder rock music  feel that at times takes its reference points from the early days of bands like Bruce Springsteen and the E Steet Band.  Over the 14 tracks of this debut album (songs in English and Gaelic) there is at times a feel of bands that have walked this fine line of contemporary Celtic/Rock music, bands like Runrig and Capercaillie come immediately to mind, but that is not bad thing as bands like these need a new generation of musicians to pass their musical torches to, and Tide Lines could just be the next band to make that major cross-over in Celtic/Rock music.   Having just written that last sentence though, I realise I am falling into the marketing PR “genre” trap myself at times; good music knows and needs no boundaries, and Tide Lines certainly don’t seem on this initial album like they are a band that are going to let such artificial marketing boundaries pigeon-hole their music in the years to come.

The 14 tracks on this album (8 of them written by lead singer Robert Robertson) are a celebration of many things, heritage, youth and music being only a few of them, but as the album title suggests there are clear “Tide Lines” in the music too, as the music examines rural life and city life (the band are now based in Glasgow), and many aspects of the impact that a changing modern world has brought to a traditional Highland society at personal, social and economic levels.

It’s difficult to pick out specific tracks here to review as this album is a well-crafted landscape of individual words and music, and I mean that sense of “landscape” literally here.  This concept is a carefully considered one and the album’s artwork continues that overall vision.  The band’s website credits the artwork to “a specially commissioned painting by Daisy Williams (a young, award-winning artist from the island of Mull)”

Pick some songs here we must though, and our opening one, “Prelude” is as good a place as any to start as it firmly establishes a sense of history and tradition to this album’s music.  “Fortunes of The Fearless” quickly follows on and whilst continuing in the traditional story feel, adds new and distinctive modern elements.   Many of the songs on this album are a celebration of what it is to be young, and that sense of everything out there still waiting to be discovered (or in some cases re-discovered) gives this album much of its energy.  One song that captures much of that essence is “Far Side of the World”.

There are some outstanding and well crafted songs on this album; the band seem to have the knack of writing live show “anthems” and “The Young and The Restless” could so easily become one.  Our album title track “Dreams We Never Lost” is the final track on this album, and one that many bands would have made their opening song if they did not have the depth of song writing talent that is so evident here.  “Dreams We Never Lost”, the album, is available to buy now.


Tide Lines  the band are

Robert Robertson
Alasdair Turner
Ross Wilson
Fergus Munro


For further information on the band and their music visit





1 Prelude

2 Fortunes Of The Fearless

3 Far Side Of The World

4 Co-Thràth

5 Another Day

6 Midnight Sun

7 Since I Left This Town

8 Pìob Mhòr Part 1

9 Pìob Mhòr Part 2

10 We Will Stand

11 Muile

12 The Young And The Restless 

13 Walking On The Waves 

14 The Dreams We Never Lost


Review by Tom King




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