Suzi Quatro The Best of Suzi Quatro: Legend  CD Album Release Date Friday 22nd September 2017  Review Thursday 21st September 2017


The Best of Suzi Quatro: Legend (2017) is a 20 track compilation album released by Chrysalis Records. This compilation personally curated by Suzi features digitally remastered versions of all her biggest hits including “Can The Can”, “48 Crash”, “Devil Gate Drive”, and “Stumblin’ In”.

Released on Friday 22nd September, the album will be available on Gold Coloured Double Vinyl, CD and digitally.

If you are old enough (like me), you will clearly remember those images from Top of The Pops in 1973 and 1974 of this small young woman dressed in leather playing a bass guitar that seemed to be almost as big as her at times fronting a band of her own.  In the 1970s, this was anything but a common sight, and for many of us, songs like “Devil Gate Drive” are eternally etched into our collective memories.  This was at times though a bit of an odd image clash as the leather clad rocker image of Suzi Quatro could also be a very “clean” image too, and that image was probably even further established when Suzi Quatro played the role of  Leather Tuscadero in the hugely popular and very “family image wholesome” Happy Days television programme.  Suzi actually turned down her own series in this role following these appearances to avoid being typecast.

The early songs on this compilation take us right back to the Mickey Most RAK record label days and the songs of two of the best writers of pop music hits of their generation - Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman. Between them and Suzi, they created a recording artist that brought something a little different to the UK charts at the time and much of the success of Suzi Quatro was in the UK and Europe at this time and not her homeland USA.

One of the good things about retrospective compilation albums like this one is that you get the chance to look back on a performer’s recording career with greater clarity, and in the case of someone like Suzi Quatro that is an interesting view to take, as unlike many of her musical contemporaries, Suzi Quatro did not walk away from music in the 1970s, but has kept on performing and writing music in her own very individual style ever since.  In fact with a performance and recording career spanning over 50 years now and over 56 million record sales, this multi-instrumentalist singer, songwriter has more than proven that there was far more to her than some of the early chart hits suggest, and for me, much more interesting music was recorded by Suzi Quatro as she matured as a person and a performer, and the choice of songs on this album reflects that growing maturity as a singer/songwriter and recording artist. If you ever have any thoughts of underestimating Suzi Quatro as a musician, just try keeping a bass line rythm going at the same time as singing vocals (often on a different line)...not something that many people can do.


The Best of Suzi Quatro: Legend (2017)


1) Can The Can (2017 Remaster)

 2) Shine My Machine (2017 Remaster)

 3) 48 Crash (2017 Remaster)

 4) Skin Tight Skin (2017 Remaster)

 5) Daytona Demon (2017 Remaster)

 6) Devil Gate Drive (2017 Remaster)

 7) The Wild One (Single Version)

 8) Cat Size (2017 Remaster)

 9) Too Big (2017 Remaster)

 10) Michael (2017 Remaster)

 11) Half As Much As Me (2017 Remaster)

 12) Stumblin’ In (2017 Remaster)

 13) If You Can’t Give Me Love (2017 Remaster)

 14) Suicide (2017 Remaster)

 15) Wiser Than You (2017 Remaster)

 16) She’s In Love With You (2017 Remaster)

 17) Hollywood (2017 Remaster)

 18) 15 Minutes Of Fame

 19) Free The Butterfly

 20) Dancing In The Wind

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Review by Tom King

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