Steve Hill Solo recordings Volume 3 CD Album Release Date Friday 6th October 2017 Review Tuesday 26th September 2017


Steve Hill is a multi-instrumentalist and “one man band” performance artist from Canada who is building up a solid reputation as a performance and recording artist, and maybe this album and the current tour will be the time that sees Steve Hill move up to the next step in what to now has been an only upward musical career.

Often, multi-instrumentalists can fall foul of two things – their own over confidence in their own abilities and a loss of input that other musicians usually bring to a band.  Steve Hill though seems to be an exception to this rule with strong performances on guitar, harmonica, drums (and anything percussive). In particular, it is the guitar work of Steve Hill that is attracting the most attention at the moment and the fact that Steve was awarded 2016 Maple Blues Awards for “Electric Act of The Year”, “Guitarist of the Year” and “Entertainer of The Year” is an indication of just how far Steve Hill has travelled already as a musician and a songwriter.  Steve Hill also won the 2015 Juno Award for “Blues Album of The Year”

Steve Hill, as is evident on this album, is comfortable playing in so many styles and Solo Recordings 3 underlines this ability to move effortlessly from the opening classic hard rock power chords of “Damned” to classic blues,  more melodic finger picking “country” and  “Americana”  styles. As well as his own well written and multi styled songs,  along the way in Solo Recordings 3 Steve pays tribute to some of his own musical heroes – including Robert Johnson -  “Stop Breaking Down” and Woody Guthrie – “Going Down The Road Feeling Bad”.  These two artists are an interesting musical choice for me as they are two sides of the same coin – the stories and music of the poor and the oppressed.  Both artists stayed true to the roots of their music with an honesty that few ever truly attain, and a reminder that “The Blues” is at its heart a  feeling more than a specific musical style that knows no racial boundaries.



Steve Hill – Solo Recordings 3


1. Damned (also released as the new single)

 2. Dangerous

 3. Still A Fool & A Rollin Stone

 4. Slowly Slipping Away

 5. Rhythm All Over

 6. Smoking Hot Machine

 7. Troubled Times

 8. Emily

 9. Can’t Take It With You

 10. Rollin & Tumblin / Stop Breaking Down

 11. Going Down That Road Feeling Bad

 12. Walking Grave

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Review by Tom King

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