Rainbreakers Rise Up 5 Track CD EP review Monday 6th February 2017


“Rise Up” is the second EP from four piece band “The Rainbreakers”.  Hailing from Shrewsbury, the band Ben Edwards (Vocals and Rhythm Guitar), Charlie Richards (Lead Guitar), Peter Adams (Bass) and Sam Edwards (Drums) have built up a reputation as one of the freshest new sounds on the UK Blues and Soul Circuit.

A self admission by the band with a fascination with the sounds of the past ranging from soul melodies to psychedelic sounds to garage rifts is evident on the five tracks of this EP, and much of it has that timeless feel that could be anywhere from the 1960s to now.  As always though with young bands re-visiting these sounds, there are contemporary influences in the music that, although having a retro feel to it, also take you into musical areas that the original music had not quite reached.

The Rainbreakers are a band that up until reviewing this EP I had not heard of, and for such a young band, the quality of the music both in its writing and musicianship is impressive.  Production quality is also very high.  This is a solid statement of work that shows a band that is forming a solid and individual musical identity at an early stage in their career.

  1. On My Own
  2. Rise Up
  3. Waiting On You
  4. Perception
  5. Living Free

For more information on The Rainbreakers visit   www.therainbreakers.com
“Rise Up” the new 5 track EP is released 7th April 2017

Review by Tom King



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