Neil Warden Adventures in Weissenborn Land EP review Sunday 23rd July 2017


Adventures in Weissenborn Land by Neil Warden is a four track EP that takes us on a musical adventure with the Weissenborn lap steel guitar and other guitars.  Neil Warden, with several decades of playing guitar and many live performances over the years with a wide variety of bands and musicians, is an accomplished guitarist in a wide range of musical styles, but it is his very individual style on the very individual sounds of the Weissenborn that provides much of the soundscape for this EP.

Although  “Bad Dog” featuring Gary Martin on vocals and harmonica is very much in the traditional blues genre so close to Neil’s musical roots, the other three tracks are far more explorational in their musical pathways and sound like they could easily be part of a film soundtrack or performance art conceptual work.

This is a unique EP, and it is interesting to hear Neil exploring new musical avenues as he could so easily have stuck to the classic blues and soulful sound pathways that he knows so well.

I hope the right project comes along one day to let Neil Warden work on a full soundtrack for a movie, documentary, television project or performance arts work and allow him to develop further some of the directions explored in “Adventures in Weissenborn Land”

Adventures in Weissenborn Land

Track Listing

1. Mojave  04:19

2. Bad Dog (featuring Gary Martin)  03:22

3. Enchanted  03:55

 4.The Alchemist (featuring Dave Heath)  04:53


Review by Tom King





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