Krissy Matthews Live at Freak Valley CD Album Review Thursday 16th February 2017



Krissy Matthews and his band have recorded their first live album –“Live At Freak Valley”.  This performance was recorded at the Freak Valley Festival in Siegen, Germany on May 27, 2016, and Krissy Matthews is quick to point out that this is a live album that has not been over dubbed and tidied up in the studio – the 8 tracks from this show are as performed LIVE.  The album also features three bonus tracks recorded from another German concert in 2016 (Gerd’s Juke Joint in Joldelund, Germany).

Krissy Matthews  and his band make up a powerful trio that are cutting waves across some of Europe’s most iconic venues, and at 24 years old, this band (originally from Oxford) are re-defining for a new generation just what “The Blues” can sound like.  With a fast and energetic sound, owing at times more to classic rock bands of the past, some of the tracks on this album might simply not be what some “Blues Purists” would define as their music, but tracks here such as “The Soul Will Never Die” (a song about meeting Mr B B King) show that the band can switch to that classic recognised sound whenever they want to.

Krissy Matthews and the band raise some interesting questions about the whole history and future directions that “The Blues” as a musical genre can develop into (and the sound must develop past its classically recognised format to stay relevant)...exactly what connection can a youth growing up in Oxford and performing at 24 in the 21st century have with a music genre that started to develop almost 100 years ago in a social environment that means little to him?  For the music to retain any honesty, it has to relate to what is around the artist as they are experiencing it and not some musical fantasy in their head.  The music of the blues always has been about life experiences and the music in this album continues in that tradition.  It would be interesting to hear how Krissy Matthews develops his version of the blues in years to come.

Is this man the future of the Blues ?...honestly I don’t know, but given some of the people that the band have met, worked with and the classic venues that they have played, people who know far more than I will ever do on the subject have clearly identified something a bit special about this band and their sound.

Krissy Matthews Band
Sam Weston (bass, vocals)
Max Maxwell (drums, vocals)
Krissy Matthews (guitar, vocals)

The band have a March / April UK Tour coming up.  For more details visit

Live at Freak Valley

Live Album Release – April 14 2017 CD, Download & Ltd Edition vinyl

1. Feeling For The Blues (FV)

  2. I've Been Searching (FV)
3. All Night Long (FV)
4. Searching The Desert For The Blues (FV)
5. Language By Injection (FV)
6. The Soul Will Never Die (FV)
7. Bad Boy (FV)
8. Freedom (FV)


Review by Tom King



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