Kim Edgar Leith Depot Leith Festival 2017 Friday 16th June

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Kim Edgar played to a standing room only show tonight at Leith Depot as part of the Leith Festival 2017, and brought with her new sounds to her music  -  Steffen Wutzke (bass) and Christian Haas-Lachmann (drums)  from German Folk Band “Cara” (which Kim also plays in), had flown over for this show.  This is their second only public performance with this line-up.

I have to admit that initially this new and expanded line-up for tonight had me wondering how well the new sounds of drums and bass guitar would blend into Kim’s music as this often has  a very  fragile and ethereal quality which Kim’s vocals complement perfectly.  I think my main concern was the drums “drowning” Kim’s delicate and emotional vocals (particularly in the small performance space of this room).  The result was of course a different sound than I usually associate with Kim’s music, but different is not by default a bad thing.  The expanded musical line up and sound allowed new musical layers to be added to many songs, and Kim Edgar was obviously having so much fun exploring these new musical avenues on stage and getting the chance to expand her own vocals in new directions with a far stronger voice than I have heard before from her on many songs.   Kim on Keyboards backed with Steffen and Christian  made an interesting contrast to the opening songs of each set which were Kim only on acoustic Guitar.

It’s been nearly a year since I last saw Kim perform at the Leith Folk Club and it was a pleasure to hear some familiar songs again – including some from the excellent “Stories Untold” album released in 2016.  There is often this strange mirror to Kim’s music – gentle melodies with some sharp commentary tackling often difficult subjects in their lyrics, and songs like “Scissors, Paper and Stone” written about someone in an abusive and identity draining relationship and “Arms” a song about children forced to become child soldiers are two fine examples of this.  One of my favourite songs from Kim though  still remains “Significant Other Deceased”  - skilfully written around the words of Scottish poet Rachel Fox.

Kim is always working on other projects, and many of these have strong community involvements.  One such project is the “Freedom of Mind Choir”, and the song “Tightrope” seemed particularly appropriate as a choice here.

Nice too to hear songs from Kim that are new to me like “A Poppy Blossoms” and “Not For Sharing”.

As always from Kim Edgar, a warm and friendly rapport with her audience, and it will be interesting to see where some old and new songs travel musically with this expanded musical line-up.

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If you are reading this review in, or around Dundee then there is still time to catch Kim’s next show

DUNDEE 18 Jun 2017
Dundee Acoustic Music Club, Roseangle Cafe, Roseangle, Dundee DD1 4LH


Review by Tom King


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