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Joe Bonomassa’s  British Blues Explosion Live is available on May 18 2018 Via Mascot Label Group on CD/DVD/Blu-Ray & Vinyl.  Two-Time Grammy-Nominated artist Joe Bonamassa has firmly established his place as one of the premier Blues guitarists of his generation, and his personal love of “British Blues” has been a formative part of his musical development.  British Blues and musicians such as Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck are as part of the music of Joe Bonamassa as any  American Blues artists, and that appreciation and deep respect for the music shows through in this double album recorded at Greenwich Music Time at The Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, London on July 7 2016.  This show was part of a very short tour of the UK (5 shows only), but from the music contained in this double album, it is clear that something special happened on stage here, and this is one of those “live recordings” that makes you wish that you had been there in person.

With these shows, and the CD/DVD/Blu-Ray & Vinyl, Joe Bonamassa pays tribute not only to his own musical heroes of the British Blues Movement, but also to the fact that if it were not for a small number of British musicians who pioneered the first wave of the “British Blues Movement” in the early 1960s then “The Blues” in general may simply never have entered mainstream music and become the global music phenomena that we know today.  It is worth remembering that many of the great Bluesmen were almost forgotten in their native USA at this time and “The British Blues Movement” not only re-discovered their music and often their names for a whole new generation of music lovers, but more importantly, gave many the economic lifeline that they needed at the time to come to the UK and play to far larger audiences than was then possible at home.

If you like “British Blues” and the early work of Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page then this is probably an album that you will be playing a lot once you buy it. With this album, Joe Bonamassa is firmly recognising the central involvement of these guitarists in the development of “British Blues” and that development into a far wider global re-discovery and resurgence of Blues.  Also of course, tribute is paid along the way to the many musicians involved with them in now iconic bands such as Led Zeppelin, Cream, The Yardbirds and Blues Breakers.

With Joe Bonamassa on this tour, and on the album, the five-piece band included Michael Rhodes (Bass), Reese Wynans (Keyboards), Anton Fig (Drums) and Russ Irwin (Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals).

The tracks on this album should need no introduction to most people as they are a carefully selected  “set list” of classics that for many represent some of the best of the early works of iconic musicians and bands.

Joe Bonomassa– The British Blues Explosion  “Live”


1. Beck's Bolero / Rice Pudding

 2. Mainline Florida

 3. Boogie With Stu

 4. Let Me Love You Baby

 5. Plynth (Water Down The Drain)

 6. Spanish Boots

 7. Double Crossing Time

 8. Motherless Children




 2. Tea For One / I Can't Quit You Baby

 3. Little Girl

 4. Pretending

 5. Black Winter / Django

 6. How Many More Times


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