HEAT Into The Great Unknown  CD Album Release Date Friday 22nd September 2017 Review Thursday 21st September 2017


Heat, one of the hottest rock bands to emerge from Sweden in recent years, release their new album “Into the Great Unknown ” on Friday 22nd September 2017 via EAR music.   If you have not yet heard of Heat, then a little introduction to them is in order.

Band Members are

Vocals: Erik Grönwall

 Guitars: Dave Dalone

 Keyboards: Jona Tee

 Bass: Jimmy Jay

 Drums: Crash

"Into The Great Unknown" is the follow-up to 2014’s critically acclaimed "Tearing Down The Walls".  2012’s successful "Address The Nation" also received praise from many fans and music press across the world.

HEAT are a more than competent band, and there is a real bite on some of these heavier tracks that only a relatively young band can ever truly deliver, but there are also far more melodic tracks on this album, and this combination offers interesting possibilities into what is still to come from this band…”Eye of the Storm” for me has the potential to become a “rock standard” in the years to come.  “Blind Leads The Blind” is also a very strong song that gives a glimpse of HEAT becoming more than just another “Rock Band” and exploring different musical sounds and arrangements.  There is far more to HEAT than just endless rock riffs.

This album is perfect radio airplay, but I suspect that the real strength of HEAT is in that ever growing reputation as a live performance band, so I will need to put them firmly on my “to see” list for the future.

If you have, like me, grown up through the 1960s and always had that backtrack to your life of not only the great bands of this time but also the 70s, 80s, and 90s, then there will always be something familiar about the music from bands like HEAT.  It is not that they are copying what has gone before, just that they have so clearly been influenced by some of the greats of yesterday, and finding your own individuality now must be such a difficult task for any band to do now.  If any band has the potential to break free of their own musical influences and establish a true musical identity of their own, then HEAT are one of them.

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1.Bastard Of Society


3.Shit City

4.Time On Our Side

5.Best Of The Broken

6.Eye Of The Storm

7.Blind Leads The Blind

8.We Rule

9.Do You Want It?

10.Into The Great Unknown


Review by Tom King

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