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Gold Rush, the new album from Hannah Aldridge (follow up to Razor Wire) has been out for a few months now on the Rocksnob/Rootsy label in the UK and getting very favourable reviews to date.  Hannah Aldridge is playing The Voodoo Rooms here in Edinburgh on Sunday 5th November, so an appropriate time here to give the album a quick, but late, review and a little plug for the upcoming show.

I’ve seen Hannah Aldridge perform few times now at The Voodoo Rooms and heard a few  of the tracks on this album performed live as the album was in various stages of production, so it is nice to finally have the finished studio product here to listen to.  Probably one of the big differences that most Hannah Aldridge fans will notice on this album is that this is a far more rock based sound with Hannah exploring the sounds of electric guitar a little further than some earlier songs, and it is interesting to listen to that exploration with Hannah here.  Electric or acoustic guitar, the songs here are still 100% Hannah Aldridge with sharp razor edge lyrics that can change from steel toughness to haunting fragility in a few lines.  Hannah Aldridge is an artist that I like a lot, and much of that is down to the honesty in her words and music.  Gold Rush is an album about the subjects that Hannah knows best – her hometown and her own life, and there are few artists out there prepared to expose their inner self like this.

Gold Rush is an album that represents many different facets of Hannah Aldridge both musically and lyrically, and there are no weak filler tracks here.  As always, a few tracks that for some personal reason you take a liking to, and on this album for me what is interesting is that they are in completely different styles.  Standing out for me though, “The Irony of Love” (some wonderful words to this song) and “Shouldn't Hurt So Bad”.  Completely contrasting songs musically, but that is one of the things I like about Hannah Aldridge, that ability to change styles so easily.  “Lace” and the title track “Gold Rush” are simply beautiful songs and I think that Hannah Aldridge (like her father  Walt Aldridge) will find her words and music recorded by many other artists in future years.

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Hannah Aldridge Gold Rush



Dark Hearted Woman

Burning Down Birmingham

The Irony of Love

Shouldn't Hurt So Bad

No Heart Left Behind

Living On Lonely

I Know Too Much




Review by Tom King

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