FUNBOX Underwater Adventure King's Theatre Edinburgh Review Saturday 17th June


Batten down the hatches as we were off on an aquatic adventure with this new offering from the Fun Box crew, Anya, Gary and Kevin.

On this hot afternoon my daughter and I embarked on what was Esmé’s first trip to The King's Theatre to enjoy Fun Box.  In the cool theatre she took it all in her stride, she said “I like the red curtains, all the lights, the floor and something else.” I never found out what the “something else” was as the show started.

Announcements made, the curtain rose to give us the first glimpse of the stage. The Underwater Adventure had begun, the stage was bright and colourful with a coral reef on one side, kelp forest on the other and in the middle was The Fun Box.  Anya the mermaid, Kevin the sea horse and Gary the starfish (yes starfish, not a clown) come on stage and the show moves along with the enthusiasm and charm Fun Box has to offer.  On their quest to unlock the box they enlist the help a giant clam, (who reminded me of Audrey II of Little Shop of Horrors starring Rick Moranis) who, in exchange for food, lights the way to the next key. Bonzo popped in for a bit and entertained us some more and with the children up on stage we enjoyed the havoc.

Esmé’s favorite part was during the Hole at the Bottom of the Sea song “when the boy dressed up as the mermaid” and she thought it was really funny. 

Fun Box are always brill-iant, if you get the oppor-tuna-ty, dolphinitely go and sea them, no squidding the wee ones will enjoy the show.

Review by Donald and Esme


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