Faces of Edinburgh by Manel Quiros



Faces of Edinburgh by Manel Quiros is a collection of photographs of people who live or work in Edinburgh, which shows the diversity of the inhabitants of this city.   

Spanish-born award-winning professional photographer Manel Quiros, who has made his home in Edinburgh, has photographed a wide-ranging cross section of Edinburgh inhabitants, mainly in their work settings or with the tools of their trade, each with a short paragraph about their life and work too.   These range from people in traditional jobs such as shopkeepers, a dentist, and a bookkeeper, to more unusual interests and occupations such as Sensual Bachata Dancer, The Little Merman, and a longboarder. 

Edinburgh is often known as a Jekyll and Hyde city, with its contrast between dark and light, old and new, and this book gives an insight into two sides of Edinburgh life – the traditional and the non-conformist.  Many of the people featured are living what some would consider an alternative lifestyle, and Quiros’ portraits are more than just mere photographs, and somehow give a glimpse into the lives of his subjects.  From just that one photograph, you feel you somehow know the person, and want to know more about them. 

Faces of Edinburgh is published by Amberley Publishing £14.99


Review by Lisa Sibbald

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