Erja Lyytinen Stolen Hearts CD Album Review Tuesday 31st January 2017


“Stolen Hearts” is the 10th studio album from Finnish blues guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Erja Lyytinen, and this new album will be released on 7th April to coincide with a short UK tour.

I have to admit that Erja is a new musical discovery for me, and reviewing the 10th album of any artist without any knowledge of their previous musical history is difficult as you have no idea of their back catalogue of music or how their music has developed over the years. To rectify that I have been doing a little internet searching and discovered that I have somehow missed an artist who has a wide depth of musical and writing talent, and has built up over the years respect for her perfomances far outside of her native Finland.

“Stolen Hearts” as an album is the moment that Erja decided it was time to make that classic rock and blues sounding album, and to get that “authentic” feel of vintage albums that have gone by, sought out the studio skills of a man who has worked with many of the greats artists and worked on albums including The Rolling Stones “Sticky Fingers”, Chris Kimsey, plus some original vintage studio equipment.

This 11 track album covers a wide range of genres from classic rock to outright blues and some classic ballads, and Erja seems equally at home as a songwriter and performer on all of them.  Erja does have that classic “rock voice” and that is evident from the first (and title) track “Stolen Hearts”.

I always have a liking for ballads, and the final track “Broken Eyes” written for piano and vocals shows another side to Erja’s songwriting abilities.

Does this album push Erja into the mainstream of album sales, and are her vocals and guitar abilities distinctive enough to do that?  Only time will tell on this album, but from the notes in with this preview CD, Chris Kimsey certainly seems to think there is a unique voice and talent here, and I will go with his vast experience on this one.

The only disappointment with the new album/tour is that Erja has at time of writing this review no Scottish dates set.  An Edinburgh show would certainly be on my review list.

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1. Stolen Hearts (4:42)
2. Rocking Chair (3:50)
3. Love Laboratory (4:15)
4. 24 Angels (3:57)
5. Black Ocean (7:15)
6. Slowly Burning (4:14)
7. Lover's Novels (3:32)
8. Silver Stones (4:44)
9. Awakening (4:01)
10. City Of Angels (5:22)
11. Broken Eyes (4:55)

Review by Tom King



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