Ben Poole Anytime You Need Me CD Album  Review 12th  October  2018

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Ben Poole, International Blues/Rock/Soul guitarist, singer and songwriter has a new studio album - Anytime You Need Me out on Friday 14th September via Manhaton Records. Recorded at Superfly Studios in Ollerton, Nottinghamshire produced by Wayne Proctor, this new album sees Ben’s music taking a definite step forward from previous albums in its approach to how the songs are constructed and his development as a musician and song-writer.

Ben Poole and the band can, as we all know, do those classic blues numbers and floor filling crowd stompers as well as anyone out there at the moment, but any artist needs to constantly be moving forward to stay fresh, and the 10 songs on this album see Ben Poole stripping back to the bone some earlier ideas and completely re-building them musically whilst at the same time exploring the core building blocks of musical structure – major and minor scales, timing, phrasing  and lyrical structure -in perhaps more depth than on earlier albums.  The end result is a clear sign of a musician developing and along the way there are many surprises on this album.

Musically we have a real mixture here of positive statements and knowing that you will always be there for the people that you care about on the opening and title track “Anytime You Need Me” followed immediately by the far harder and sharper edged “Take It No More”.  “Found Out The Hard Way” sees Ben not only exploring the possibilities that arise when you move between major and minor, but also here singing his own backing vocals, a clear indication of his confidence as a singer and instrumentalist.

For those liking the retro sounds of musicians  like Lenny Kravitz, “Further On Down The Line” is a blast from the past that could be a soundtrack to so many of our favourite TV shows from this time.

One of the real surprises on this album is a cover version of Don Henley’s “Dirty Laundry”, and another cover, “Start The Car” originally of Jude Cole keeps us firmly in those sounds of earlier times while at the same time being contemporary enough to be “different” and for today’s music buying public

Don’t Cry For Me (written by Steve Wright) takes us in a completely different musical and emotional direction, slowing the pace down on the album, perhaps just when we need it, and providing a completely different side of the music of Ben Poole and the band. Closing our album like an opposite bookend to the opening track is “Holding On”.  Again here Ben is playing with rhythm and timings to get a very particular feel to this song.

Some of the tracks on this new album might surprise more than a few Ben Poole fans, and that is a good thing as we should all be prepared to move with our favourite bands onto new musical adventures and discoveries.

The new album is also backed by Ben Poole with a November/December 2018  UK Tour



1. Anytime You Need Me

2. Take It No More

3. You Could Say

4. Found Out The Hard Way

5. Further On Down The Line

6. Dirty Laundry

7. Start The Car

8. Don’t Cry For Me

9. Let Me Be

10.  Holding On

All songs written by Ben Poole, Wayne Proctor & Steve Wright except:

Dirty Laundry (Don Henley / Danny Kortchmar)

Start The Car (Jude Anthony Cole)

Don’t Cry For Me (Steve Wright)


Guitars, Vocals: Ben Poole

Drums: Wayne Proctor

Bass: Beau Barnard

Hammond, Wurlitzer, Piano, Synth: Ross Stanley

Backing Vocals: Ben Poole



Review by Tom King




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