Banff Mountain Film Festival 2017 Festival Theatre Edinburgh Review Saturday 28th January 2017


The Banff Mountain Film Festival  UK & Ireland Tour makes its welcome return to Edinburgh and The Festival Theatre for 2017, and this year’s red and blue film programmes once again give us a selection of some of the best outdoor sporting films from around the world.  The Festival Theatre has the largest digital screen facilities in Scotland, so everything of course looked at its very best on the large screen of the very busy theatre tonight when I sat down to view their red programme (I could not make the earlier afternoon blue programme – sorry folks).

This programme featured a selection of seven films ranging from roughly 30 minutes down to 5 minutes in length and, as always, the films on screen are wide and varied in their subject matter – young and very gifted climbers starting to dominate the world  competition climbing scene (Young Guns), cult status climbers deciding to take up the new challenge of paragliding and in a short time paraglide  off an 18,000 ft volcano in Mexico (Fledglings), an insight into the special bonding between competitor and dog in dog/man (and woman) competitive racing sports such as sledge team racing (Dog Power), musicians crazy enough to perform on high wires at high altitude - including a drummer (Metronomic)  and four women who decide to row across the Atlantic Ocean in one of the most gruelling endurance races in the world – Four Mums in a Boat.  I have to admit that this last film’s inclusion in this festival puzzled me a bit as I would have thought that its more natural home would have been the Banff Ocean Film Festival screenings.  Also on the programme two nice little short films "Danny Macaskill’s Wee Day Out" and "Max Your Days".

I have been very brief with any review of the films here as full details are available at

The one thing that all these films have in common is that they open a window onto the infinite possibilities that are out there for people willing to step out of their normal routines.  There is a world of wonder out there filled with amazing people – some inspirational and some just a little bit crazier than most of us will ever risk being.

As usual too, the friendliness of the people at the Festival itself is always worth noting.  The Banff Film Festivals are a little bit like a travelling community that come together for the events...and the next event here in Edinburgh is the Banff Ocean Film Festival in September 2017


Review by Tom King


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