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Bad Touch release their third album “Shake a Leg” on Friday 5th October 2018, and the new single “Skyman” taken from the album was released on Friday 10th August.

Bad Touch, originally formed in 2010, are a band that in a modern age of internet  videos and downloads are doing things the old fashioned way, building up a solid reputation for their music via their live shows by getting out there and playing clubs and venues across the U.K.  Their story is the classic vintage rock band one.  Friends meet in college, form a band, start off playing covers of music that they like, and then develop to writing their own music.  “Shake A Leg” is the end product of that journey so far, and although many of the band’s influences are still to be heard in their music (nothing wrong with that), there is an unidentifiable “Bad Touch” sound clearly emerging from this album, a sound that is perfect for live performances and radio airplay.

“Shake A Leg” will be supported by the band doing what they do best, getting out there and playing to their public, with a nationwide 18-date UK headline tour starting at Newcastle University Union on Wednesday 17th October. The band are also up here in Scotland playing Glasgow (Cathouse Rock Club 18th October) , Inverness (Ironworks 19th October) and Edinburgh (Bannerman’s 20th October).

Bad Touch are

Stevie Westwood – Vocals

 Rob Glendinning – Lead Guitar

 Daniel ‘Seeks’ Seekings – Guitar/Vocals

 Michael Bailey – Bass

 George Drewry – Drums/Vocals

The 13 tracks on this album are very much in the classic rock sound that I grew up with through the 1970s and 1980s and the band more than capture that sound and feeling, but any band trying to break through now in this genre is always going to have an uphill struggle as so much has simply gone before.  This is perhaps a generation point of view though as Bad Touch have built for themselves through their live shows a solid and growing audience that are for the most part discovering these sounds for the first time, and through bands like Bad Touch they will hopefully look back in time a little and find for themselves some of the great bands and music of earlier years.  Bad Touch are not so much “new” music as a natural progression and evolution of the music.

Along the way on this 13 track album, Bad Touch are paying their respects to some of their musical heroes, and the single release “Skyman” is one such track taking its name from the nickname of Duane Allman.  Old fashioned floor fillers and foot stompers are very much part of the Bad Touch sound, and tracks like “Lift Your Head Up”, “Too Many Times” and “Dressed To Kill” make you want to catch their next live show.  The band though have developed past the point of just playing one type of song, and there is a depth to the lyrics on this album. Listen to the lyrics on “Hammer Falls”,  a classic “slow rock” tribute to their hometown “I Belong”, and my favourite tracks from this album, “Believe in Me” and “Bury Me (When I’m Gone)” which more than prove that Bad Touch can change the mood  and pace of their music anytime that they want.

There are times on this album that I hear older references like Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin running through songs, and at times Stevie Westwood’s vocals do have a touch of Steven Tyler and Robert Plant about them, and that is no bad thing as, if Bad Touch can over the years come anywhere close to the success of these bands, I think they will be very happy people.



1. Lift Your Head Up

2. Hammer Falls

3. Too Many Times

4. Dressed To Kill

5. Skyman

6. I Belong

7. Show Me What It Means

8. Tussle

9. Take Me Away

10. Believe In Me

11. Movin’ On Up

12. Slow Tempest

13. Bury Me (When I’m Gone)

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Review by Tom King




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