Apple Tree Yard DVD review Monday 13th February 2017. Released on DVD and Blu-Ray from Arrow Films from 20th February 2017.



Starring Emily Watson, Ben Chaplin and Mark Bonnar

When Yvonne Carmichael embarks on a passionate affair with a secretive, risk-taking stranger, she has no idea she is setting off a train of events which will change her life forever.  Yvonne, an eminent geneticist, is married with two adult children, but her life is far from perfect, and perhaps she thinks this affair will add some much-needed excitement to her life…little does she know just how much.

This four-part drama is gripping from the outset, and the tension heightens with each episode.  Emily Watson as Yvonne and Ben Chaplin as her lover are perfectly cast, and Emily Watson must surely be in the running for an award for her performance - her portrayal of emotions from joy to pain to guilt is entirely convincing and realistic and extremely moving at times.  Mark Bonnar also puts in a very strong performance as Yvonne’s husband, Gary.

There is a central theme here of secrets and trust  who do you trust - and who can you trust?  This excellent psychological thriller keeps you guessing right until the very last minute, as lives unravel and secrets emerge.

Apple Tree Yard is available on DVD and Blu-Ray from Arrow Films from 20th February 2017.

Review by Lisa Sibbald



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